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Root One click ROOT works confirmed using FRAMAROOT, all through phone, no PC needed

FRAMAROOT with Boromir option roots this phone with one click and no PC needed. It is done all through the phone.

1. To get framaroot app on your phone just go to [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices - xda-developers

2. Then get the latest version, for me at this time it is v1.8 and then you download that to your phone by clicking it or using a QR code reader.

3. open this app with your phone and the top option leave it alone, it says it will install superuser on restart.

4. Now choose "Boromir" option and click to go ahead with root.

5. restart your phone and it is now rooted, simple!

6. To check root, go to play store and download root checker or any app that needs root access to work and when superuser pops up asking to grant permission choose yes.



#1 Android14, Dec 27, 2013
I just tried it and yes it does work. Very simple to do.
#2 TechSys, Dec 27, 2013
Yes confirmed I tried it. And after powering off n back on still have root now using setcpu n root explorer:D
#3 mennywife26, Dec 28, 2013
Hello, I have the Alcatel One Touch Fierce. I been wanting to root my phone since I've heard you can do so much more like run more apps, make the cpu faster, stuff like that. I also read around that if there is an update for the phone that it might mess up the phone or the root? Something among those lines, so my question is. Should I root it? I would really love to root my phone but it's those small things I read that make me not want to root it.
#4 holycow123, Dec 28, 2013
Hello, Only thing we can do as of now with our phones rooted is: get rid of bloatware, backup with TiBu, and wifi sharing.

In order to overclock we would need a custom recovery and kernel.

Updates just get rid of the root. No harm done, unless it doesnt let you update.

I would definetly root, because removing all bloatware, makes our phone pretty much stock 4.2.
Just don't mess with any system files, ex: build.prop. currently there is no way to recover from a softbrick/hardbrick.
#5 HereticSins, Dec 29, 2013
If you're really worried about updates I wouldn't root. Updating when rooting doesn't only remove root and I know this first hand because I installed the update pushed to fierce users this last weekend and my screen wouldn't show anything and no hard reset or anything worked. I'm pretty handy when it comes to these things but considering there is no CWM recovery for this phone there's not much you can do so I had to return my phone. So in any case if you do root unroot before updates.
#6 MarsMartian, Jan 15, 2014
Does it work on both the T-Mobile Version and Metro PCS Versions?
#7 Doge, Jan 27, 2014
Which one you got. I got a Metro and used this method to root and worked out well and it was easy.
#8 Mikito1976, Jan 27, 2014
I got the Metro PCS version, and i just used the method to root :)
#9 Doge, Jan 27, 2014
Same, did you update before you rooted it though?
#10 holycow123, Jan 28, 2014
anybody else get random reboots after rooting?
edit: wiping cache partition in recovery seems to have fixed it.
#11 johnnyl1111, Feb 11, 2014
Greetings all...I just got this phone from Wal-Mart (Family Talk), and was wondering if you can root it with this method. I notice that there are a lot of people who use Metro PCS....just the same, I figured I'd ask.
I'm from the Galaxy Reverb board, and I've got this phone for 15 days, so I need to find out if there's enough potential to abandon the Reverb...
#12 soxtober05, Feb 16, 2014
I'll tell you what we've gotten so far.

We have root,locked bootloader, no recovery, which in turn means no ROMs. We have dumped partitions but the ones we thought we're recovery and boot had been zeroed out on dump (we think). We have gotten tokenpoke in on working with our phone to see what he can cook up, maybe a 2nd init recovery but no word on how that's going I haven't talked to him in a bit. We'll if your looking for immediate dev love this isn't the phone for you my friend.
#13 codyedmonson, Feb 17, 2014
Not so much immediate, but potential is what I was after...but now after using it for a day, I am having trouble getting used to this "blue hue"...oh well...
#14 soxtober05, Feb 17, 2014
What blue hue exactly are you talking about? I havent noticed any hue/tint on the phone at all.
#15 codyedmonson, Feb 17, 2014
There is a DEFINITE "blue tint" to my screen...makes my white blue-grey, purple becomes periwinkle, etc.
I checked a t-mo store to see if Wal-Mart just had a bad batch, but it's at the t-mo store, too. Also some YouTube reviews mention it as well...
#16 soxtober05, Feb 18, 2014
Weird I don't have a blue tint on my metro alcatel..
#17 codyedmonson, Feb 18, 2014
Thas' ok...returned it to Wallyworld yesterday. When the lady asked why I was returning it, I told her. She didn't believe me 'till she powered it up.

Y'all have fun w/this one!

#18 soxtober05, Feb 21, 2014
Ive seen mention of the blue hue as well, but I haven't seen it either.
#19 BraceForImpact, Mar 6, 2014
Hi everyone I'm a noob with the whole rooting of phones. I've got a couple of root Questions. I have an Alcatel One Touch Fierce through T-Mobile. Here are my phone specs. Just in-case they're needed.

Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Been)-pretty sure it's Jelly Been
Firmware Ver. 4.2.2
Kernel Ver. 3.4.5
Build Number L2RUMR0 (Hope This info helps)

First thing my main reason for root is to get rid of blot ware, Wi-Fi Tethering is something I’m interested in, but FoxFi and Tetherfy work great without Root.

The questions I have are:
1) Is Framaroot the best way to root my phone?

2) What version of Framaroot should I use I have 1.9.1 and 1.9.2 which is the best one to use or should I use an older version? After installing the best version of Framaroot, Which exploit should I use Boromir, Faramir, or the third exploit? (Not sure of its name)

3) Will rooting this way or rooting period disable my Bluetooth Connectivity? It did on my Straight talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent. (All though it took forever to root that phone and that phone sucked)

4) Since my main purpose is to uninstall blot ware, anyone know or have a list of things I can safely Uninstall without destroying my phone or is there a good App for safely uninstalling Blot ware and not removing important Files/Apps?

I know that updating can uninstall root, but my phone doesn't update even when I go to about phone/Update just get an authentication error, However it does update the apps, and things like Drive, Hangouts, and the blot ware that I would like to get rid of. These updates keep taking up more internal storage and that’s why I want to be able to uninstall them.

5) So the question is will these type of updates effect root?

Sorry for being so long winded, Thanks for listening. Any info or answer regarding these Questions or anything important in general about this phone would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your insight.

May the Force be with you,
#20 Fives, May 22, 2014
FIVES since your a new member i guess we can forgive you this time but please don't double post in the future. ;)
#21 johnnyl1111, May 22, 2014
I've just rooted my One Touch with Framaroot. Now I'm trying to find a custom recovery, or if there is one. If there is.......could someone please send me a link.
#22 Chad3496, Jun 22, 2014
I'm also experiencing the same thing with mine, it does have a blue tint to display, an I purchased it from Best Buy......
#23 Chad3496, Jun 22, 2014
i think we all looking for customs roms and recovery. im also rooted with framaroot no problems, but when i hold power and vol up my recovery is (3e). that wont do anything will it?
#24 blackprophet81, Jun 22, 2014
I use rom manager to reboot into recovery. Most of the time, I downloaded it, to see if there was a version of CWM my Alcatel one touch fierce
#25 Chad3496, Jun 22, 2014