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Tips One speaker not working

I have heard people having issues with only one speaker working. Both of mine work. To test I cover one with my thumb. Make sure mono is not set as audio type. Goto settings/accessibility/hearing/audio type and change to stereo that should turn on both speakers and give you a balance setting


#1 clonedr, Jul 11, 2014
Nope still the same... i think their is another use for the second speaker
#2 chago360, Jul 11, 2014
There is only one speaker.
#3 bg4m3r, Jul 11, 2014
Both of my speakers work when I play music. I use them all the time
#4 clonedr, Jul 11, 2014
i'd love to see a video of that
#5 millar43068, Jul 11, 2014
Only one works for music...
#6 chago360, Jul 11, 2014
And the sound balance option is only for your headphones as far as i know. Try it out
#7 chago360, Jul 11, 2014
If there was two speakers and one wasn't working, then changing the balance would diminish the volume, which it doesn't.
#8 bg4m3r, Jul 11, 2014
After further review I am wrong only one speaker works.
#9 clonedr, Jul 12, 2014
One is a speaker, one is the Mic. ...look at ur phone.
#10 Bigmotoxer, Aug 10, 2014
One grill is a speaker, the other grill is for aesthetics. The small hole between the charging port and non-functional grill is the microphone
#11 Gendo420, Aug 10, 2014
Yea same difference. lol
#12 Bigmotoxer, Aug 10, 2014
On the ZTE max duo you have to go into call settings and turn off hearing aids.
#13 Mary Starnes Saunders, Jul 24, 2016