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orange star notification in status bar

Hi everyone,

I have been seeing an orange star with a white outline in my notifications. It seems to be advertising apps at random. The first ad was for an android antivirus. At first i thought that with was an app that Samsung was recommended to me, so i downloaded it. Got scared, and deleted it before actually installing it. Since then, maybe every 2 days this orange star comes up. I usually just clear the notification without actually opening it. Right now its on my phone advertising "free game HELLFIRE! Escape to hell, Optout:xapush.com, ad b...." (i'm scared to click on it, so i have no more info).

I have Avast! on my phone and it has found nothing.

Please help!


#1 mysizebarbie, Jun 16, 2013
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#2 Rush, Jun 16, 2013