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Put in an order for White, 64GB, with protection plan.

Will be trading in my 5X for $115.

Ship date of 15-16 November.

Who else has an order in?


#1 mrdeucie, Oct 4, 2017
I ordered a black 64GB as soon as the page went live, and can't wait!

The order currently shows an anticipated ship date of 10/17.
#2 codesplice, Oct 5, 2017
Ordered black, 128 with case. Put interest in for pixel buds
#3 colin25, Oct 7, 2017
Ordered a black 64GB with black fabric case. Showing shipping on 17th.

Pre ordered buds, showing shipping late November.

Trading last year's pixel.

Can't wait!
#4 JustinHEMI, Oct 7, 2017
Black 128GB, delivery on 23rd.
#5 Hadron, Oct 9, 2017
Just Black 128 GB 2 XL ordered 4 am on the 5th through Fi, expected shipping date 10-23, expected delivery date 25th-27th. Also looking forward to the pixel buds. (Once they open pre-orders)
#6 shalemail, Oct 9, 2017
The cheap TPU case I ordered (as a precaution until a full range of options are available) arrived today. Now just need something to put in it...

(I did put my M7 in it for a minute, but it's not the same ;))
#7 Hadron, Oct 12, 2017
Yup :D


I'm about to take my lunch at a Verizon store so I can hopefully play with a demo unit before mine shows up next week.
#8 codesplice, Oct 12, 2017
Just like that, complete with identical paper insert... ;)
#9 Hadron, Oct 12, 2017
Pixel 2 in Kinda Blue, Pixel 2 XL in Just Black:

The Kinda Blue looks a lot cooler in person than I thought it would based on the pictures I had seen. Just Black is, well, just that.

And I definitely made the right decision in opting for the smaller phone. It felt really nice in my hand. (The big one is just ever-so-slightly smaller than my 6P in each dimension.)
#10 codesplice, Oct 12, 2017
For a moment there I thought "that's odd, the black one's FP scanner is in a slightly different place from the blue?". Then I realised that the black is an XL! Funny how you sometimes spot the minor details and miss the bigger ones ;)
#11 Hadron, Oct 12, 2017