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Support Oreo issues on Pixel XL?

Has anyone been having issues with Oreo on a Pixel XL?

Some things I've noticed;
  • Notifications tend to get held up and then come through for multiple apps all in one big lump
  • Google assistant location isn't updating (it still thinks I'm at work, when I'm at home)
  • Battery draining incredibly quickly
  • Some apps behaving oddly, like Instagram not going back when I press the back button and requires an app switch
Anyone come across any of these frustrating behaviours?



#1 Eds89, Sep 1, 2017
I have the regular Pixel. I don't notice my battery draining quicker, but it does take a lot longer to charge, even when it shows charging rapidly. Other issues are I can't get the notification dots to work, and overall the phone seems slower, as pictures take forever to load in any app I'm using. As far as getting notifications in general, I've always had a problem with that. All of the other problems I had with the previous build are still there too.
#2 emmzone22, Sep 1, 2017
I noticed the first 3 issues with my pixel XL. I have gotten a few phantom notifications (vibrates and plays part of a sound, but no pop up).

My sister has a regular Pixel, has really bad drain and all of her notification sounds got changed.

*Edit: just saw the back button issue*
#3 Kappy79, Sep 4, 2017 Last edited: Sep 4, 2017
I have the regular pixel and I don't have any sound. There's no sound for notifications, there's no sound when speaking on the phone and I can't hear the person on the other line either. So the person can't hear me and I can't hear them. It's just blank sound. I also get no sound on Snapchat and no sound on videos on Facebook. I don't have other social media so I can't say for other apps. For the notifications it only vibrates. I've checked my settings and volume multiple times and it's all good. So I know it's the update because it started acting up after the update.
#4 RebaReba, Sep 9, 2017
Have you all tried clearing cache via the recovery menu? This is always a good idea after a system software update.
#5 mjpartyboy, Sep 14, 2017
Yes, I tried that multiple times and it didn't work. Last night I got another small update and it fixed my sound issue.
#6 RebaReba, Sep 14, 2017
I am on my THIRD phone trying to get oreo to work. The biggest issue is frequent reboots - even in safe mode / Microphone works when it wants to / Last chance to get this resolved. We need the ability to go back to version 7!
#7 Mktsmart, Sep 14, 2017

How do you do that?
#8 emmzone22, Sep 15, 2017

Only issue is a big loss of battery life, perhaps 30%.
Google Pixel in VZ.
#9 thorathome, Sep 18, 2017
One big thing about ALL updates that are a complete OS change is a recommended Factory reset. Really. Minor updates are ones that usually just need caches cleared. A friendly FYI.. 😎
#10 bcrichster, Sep 18, 2017
I'm an former Nexus 6P user. Long story short: I dropped it, smashing the screen two weeks back. I bought 'Nexus Protect' when I initially got it, and was surprised (and delighted) when I was sent a Pixel XL in place just last week. Oreo ran perfectly fine on my 6P, but I'm having a number of issues with it on my XL. Here are some of things I've encountered, many of which users in this discussion area also suffering from. Have any thoughts or tips? Love to hear them...

- Battery life is horrible. Worst I've ever had on a Nexus/Google device. And I'm on my third (stock Android) phone in the four years. Any recommendations on how to maximize?
- When I check apps using significant batter life, Android OS is at 25% and Android system is 20%. I'm no developer, but I know that it's not normal. The odd time it happened on my Nexus 6P, I would boot in recovery mode, clear my cach/wipe partition, and it would fix everything. Battery drain would resolve. Can we not do this on Oreo? I can't find the option in recovery mode.
- Re: Notifications pushing through all at once. More than anything else, this is happening with the gmail app. Which some how is using 35% of battery at time of writing. And no, I'm not spending all my time in the gmail app.
- The calendar widget: Won't boot up on my home screen when I drop it on. This problem started when I updated my 6P to Oreo, and continues with my Pixel XL. Anyone else?

Overall, any notes on extending battery life or clearing my cache like back on Nougat would be helpful.
#11 VictorAnthony, Sep 23, 2017 at 10:21 AM
I am on my second Pixel XL after the first one committed suicide in it's sleep? First the headphone sound went, then all sound, then usb & charging port, then dead when I woke up next day? Now on second Pixel XL and have playstore update problems. This morning took 9 restarts to finish playstore updates as it just hangs untill you reboot.
#12 Mathew Smart, Sep 25, 2017 at 4:24 PM