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Support OTG capable??

Tested last night, yes it is OTG capable.
#2 Poboy, Nov 3, 2014
Does it support a 64GB SD card?

... Thom
#3 Thom, Nov 3, 2014
Pun? :thinking:
#4 Bearcats, Nov 3, 2014
I got the TURBO, it recognized my Menova adapter, but as there is no file manager I installed both Nexus Media Importer and ES File Explorer. Now I'm good to go. THX
#5 dak2, Nov 4, 2014
I tried an SD card reader and a dual plug in memory stick on the Maxx. Both were 64GB. Neither was recognized.

I tried an SD card reader with a 16GB card on the Maxx and it was recognized.

Are the 64GB versions recognized on the Turbo?

... Thom
#6 Thom, Nov 4, 2014
Whats OTG?
#7 coulterjosh, Nov 4, 2014
On The Go.

This allows an external SD card reader (read/write actually) or memory stick to be accessed from the phone.

When removing it you should always go to Settings | Storage ... scroll to the bottom of the page and choose unmount.

... Thom
#8 Thom, Nov 4, 2014
Is the 64GB card formatted in FAT32?
#9 dak2, Nov 4, 2014
to the best of my knowledge you can not format a card greater than 32gb in Fat32, unless there is some 3rd party app. I know that Windows can not do this. I believe you are stuck with NTFS or exFat
#10 ShanDroyd, Nov 4, 2014