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Trident any trident brand
My dads been through 2 otter box defender cases for his OG evo 4g , they break the plastic is cheap. Ordered him a trident kraken case the thing is built like a tank. Much better build quality IMO
#2 joseg5511, Jul 21, 2012
Thanks for the reply.
I am now considering the Trident case. :)
#3 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012
I have a Ballistic HC and just recently bought a Trident Cyclops (for days I don't feel like using the holster). Never dealt with Otterbox. If you're looking for maximum protection, I don't think anything beats a ballistic but it makes your phone extremely bulky. However, if your looking for a compromise on both, then the cyclops is a great case. The corners are thick and reinforced (much like the ballistic sg) and are the only rubber exposed so not a lot of friction for pulling out of pocket. It's relatively slim and the screen protector they give you is outstanding but a royal pain to put on (it took me 3 or 4 tries and about 30 minutes but I have zero bubbles or dirt underneath. It's literally almost invisible.) The same can't be said for the camera screen protector though. No matter how I put it on, a bubble always formed over the LED and that ends up giving a blue hue to all your pictures. I even tried cutting it to shape and the bubble still formed. I just ended up not using it. Once you snap the case together though, good luck taking it apart. It is hard to remove so I hope your not one of those that like to take out your batteries often. If you are this might be a deal breaker. One thing about the otterbox, I don't know if they use the same silicone for all their cases, but my brother has a commuter series for his motorola and while slim (which I really liked) the silicone was really soft (too soft for my taste). The cyclops has a really smooth and firm silicone and the coverings for the power, volume, and the camera button actually make them feel like actual buttons.

If you want slim (relatively) and good protection, cyclops is a good choice.
If you need a holster and/or kickstand, then you'll have to go with otterbox.
#4 Nucleartwig, Jul 21, 2012
I don't know about the Trident but the reason I went with the Seidio Active Combo instead of the Otterbox Defender was because of the screen protector being built into the case instead of being applied separately. Don't fancy the idea of getting a new case just because I scratch the screen protector. Also the Seidio is compatible with my dock so I don't have to remove it every time I charge the phone. It offers good protection and minimal bulk, the combo which includes the holster was only $20 on ebay. Radio Shack wanted like $35 just for the case.
#5 OverByter, Jul 21, 2012
Wow thanks! :)
So it looks like I'm going to purchase the Trident Cyclops case.
#6 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012

May I have a link for the Seidio case?
#7 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012

Here's a video on the otterbox

HTC EVO 3D OtterBox Defender Case @DayDeal_com Review - YouTube

Here's one on the aegies

HTC EVO 3D Trident Aegis Case @DayDeal_com Review - YouTube

Here's one on the seidio active

HTC EVO 3D Seidio Active Case @DayDeal_com Review - YouTube

I actually could never find a video for the cyclops for our phone
#8 Nucleartwig, Jul 21, 2012
Thanks, but I've actually already done some research on the cases.
It's strange how there are no videos for the Cyclops series for our phones. Plus the Amazon link for the case I have in the first post has no reviews..
Anyone have a more trustworthy looking link for the Trident Cyclops 2 for our phones? lol.
#9 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012
Yea, I spent way too much time on trying to find what little info there was on the cyclops, but I don't regret my purchase. The black version of the cyclops has 2 reviews on it, that's about the only reviews I ever found.
#10 Nucleartwig, Jul 21, 2012
Hmm. I'll check those out.
#11 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012
Ahh I have found the Kraken series case for our phone. Looks a bit more attractive than the Cyclops.
#12 AngryTeddyBear, Jul 21, 2012
I'm getting the OtterBox defender; it looks better than most cases since I want mines all black.
#13 Austrie, Jul 21, 2012
I have the Trident Aegis case in black and I love it! It's a harder silicone material compared to the otterbox. Silicone inside with a hard outer shell makes it an awesome shock absorber for falls and easy to get out of the pocket. I work in a cell phone place and believe me when I say DO NOT get the otterbox. The outer rubber wears out quickly making it extremely loose and good luck pulling it out of your pocket without pulling all of your belongings out as well (and attracting pocket lint lol).

Go for the Aegis!
#14 boomer_jmoore, Jul 21, 2012
+1 for the trident aegis. The only thing that I don't like is there is no dock that works with it on but that applies to most all of these cases I think unless you get a seido.
#15 wigginst, Jul 21, 2012
I thought the only otterbox commuter those that, not the defender; but the otterbox maybe the best looking case with full protecton.
#16 Austrie, Jul 21, 2012
I agree with Aues I have a otter box deffender and I love the built in screen protector is great the silicone is very durable dropped it twice on hard road and not even a scratch on phone nor on case
#17 kenosuke117, Jul 21, 2012

The defender has the rubber on the outside as well. Heck all of them do. I kept debating on the Ballistic, Trident and the Otterbox but quickly ruled out the Otterbox because of the silicone being on the outside. I just don't like having a case that attracts fuzz or lint and it's not easy to slip in and out of the pocket. I love this case though. But each person will have their own preference.
#18 boomer_jmoore, Jul 21, 2012
I purchased the Platinum Series Case from Best Buy, and for the most part I love it.

Platinum Series - Cruiser Case for HTC EVO 3D Mobile Phones - Black - HDC41SB

It fits perfectly. The buttons on the phone feel more useable, and above all, its thin, so it doesn't add much bulk to the phone.
#19 lifeblows10, Jul 21, 2012
These can be had for between $10-20 on eBay right now. BestBuy dumped pallets of returns of these for next to nothing and folks bought them up to sell on eBay. Be warned though the pallet lots come all jumbled with pieces and boxes all separate. Some of the vendors are having difficulty putting the right pieces together. Took me 3 tries to get a correct covert case. One was wrong color. One was actually the cruiser. Third time was a charm. I kept trying the cheapest option I'd bet if I spent a bit more wouldn't have had issues. But for about $15 you can get the black covert case and holster. The covert is basically the thin case covered by the typical 2 layer silicon and plastic reinforcement. Sorry of like a TPU case covered by the cruiser. When you want simple protection you just use the slim case but for extra coverage you put the cruiser over it. It actually isn't the cruiser because the covert case has a flap to cover the camera and the cruiser doesn't but otherwise they're close enough.
#20 bsoplinger, Jul 21, 2012
Love Trident, have had the original Kracken for my DX for almost 2 years and still looks new, no matter how many times the wife dropped the phone!
Looking to get another Trident case for the Evo...

anyone see any coupons anywhere?
#22 Integraoligist, Jul 22, 2012

Amazon it up man! Lol the kraken is like $23 for the black one and $25 for the other colors. I got the Aegis and love it but I'm thinking of getting the kraken cause of the built in screen protector (gotta swap my phone again due to touchscreen issues not allowing me to play games correctly).
#23 boomer_jmoore, Jul 22, 2012
I got the Otterbox and love it so far. Not a single complaint and it's very sturdy.I also like the black finish.
#24 4g63t, Jul 23, 2012
Are you aware that the built-in screen protector on the Otter is extremely easy to remove? I removed mine in addition to removing those clear panels for the camera as they were blurring the heck out of pics.

Now I have a stand-alone screen protector and clear photos :)
#25 JWhipple, Jul 23, 2012