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Support Pandigital Novel Update....HELP

Well I've resorted to posting here since there doesn't seem to actually be any official forums for this thing. I just got it for a gift for my mom and she loves it, but I ****ing hate this thing.

I'm trying to update this brick to see if it will fix any of the minor quirks I hate but I can't even do that. I'm at the point where it's asking for my device's serial number and it won't accept my number. When I hit auto detect it just displays a generic base serial number and when I hit confirm I get stuck with an exception error and the updater closes.

Seriously, anyone?


#1 Good_Apollo, Dec 26, 2010
im pretty much having the same problem
the stupid "unhandled exception" message shows up every single time i try to type my serial number in..
#2 laprincessa, Dec 26, 2010
Glad I'm not the only one. The thing is actually not a bad device, it just has too many problems for a release product.

Like why the **** doesn't the White model come with a Stylus? Really? I heard a few updates eliminate some of the freeze ups and speeds it up a little but I can't even do that and Pandigital has nada in the ways of customer service.

Honestly If I had paid maybe like $90 for this thing instead of $170 I'd feel better, but at least my mom likes it. (ignorance is bliss though)
#3 Good_Apollo, Dec 27, 2010
I'm having the same problem. What am I missing?
#4 Ginseng, Dec 27, 2010
Hi all. I was having the same problem (I have the black one) and then I noticed on the page where you download the .exe file a tiny link under "System Requirements...Additional Requirements" that says ".Net 3.5 Run Time". It turns out you have to download this before it will let you run the update (although I am still having issues getting the .zip file to completely d/l...stupid wifi). BTW I'm running Vista

I hope this helps
#5 caligottago, Dec 28, 2010
I stumbled into this earlier today. It may make your readers a little more interesting..

Hack your pandigital E-Reader into an Android tablet!
#6 lucky2bthe1, Dec 29, 2010
Same issue here. And I am running windows7 and have the correct version of .NET. Guess I really should have bought the nook!:mad:
#7 lsymons, Jan 1, 2011
Update, I was never able to update this damn brick but with the advent of the open android update I decided to give it a whirl.


Now my PDN is bricked because in my frustration of the damn thing not being read by the shit updater I tried to reset it...and the needle popped through and the thing instantly turned off. Now there's a rattling noise inside and it won't turn on.

Don't buy this POS.
#8 Good_Apollo, Apr 12, 2011

Hey all, download the zip file direct to your computer, then flip your pandigital over face down, where the pandigital logo is upside down and put your fingernails in between the 2 parts of the back, (like a cell phone kinda) and slide the back cover off, then take out the micro sd card and delete everything on it, then copy the zip file from your pc to the sd card, (do not unzip it , leave it zipped) then put it back in the pos pandigital and hold the power on and volume up for 5 seconds to power it on, then it will update without the pc updater.
#9 Dazed71, May 4, 2011
For those of you that are having troubles installing the update. I too had the same problems but I was able to resolve the issues.

I followed the instructions to the letter and all I got was an exclamation and the android. To resolve that I put a pin in the reset and let everything go back to the way it was when I first started. I turned it off normally and then started it by holding down the + on volume and the power on key as it originally instructed.

Up popped the update and the progress bar. From then on I followed the instructions and the device updated just fine. The only issue is getting the email to work.
#10 GrumpyOldFart, Jun 10, 2011
I've tried to update my reader and it updated everything but now I can't find my library - the entire 'ereader' piece is gone! Would you suggest I do the whole, remove the SD card routine as mentioned by Dazed71? It's quite annoying since I took it on vacation so I could catch up on some reading and guess what?! couldn't read a thing after the update, although I was able to quickly and easily connect to the web...
#11 es.celtic, Jul 11, 2011
I had to same trouble and yes do as Dazed71 instructed, it worked for me.

I guess I must be really STUPID, because I have tried several times to attach my pandigital white to my computer so I could possibly get apps easier and my computer ask for driver and I cannot seem to find one, can anyone help me. Also, does anyone know if you can get android apps after you have done the upgrade other than through the SLIDEME icon on it? I would love to have some music can't install it!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!
#12 rnurse, Aug 7, 2011
Where is the reset on the pandigital 7 black?
#13 SunshineGirl37, Aug 9, 2011
Can someone help me do the Android open platform kit . Do I really have to the delte everything inside the mico sd please tell me step to step.
#14 Richa70, Aug 17, 2011
your e-reader library is in the barnes and noble app.
#15 rehea, Aug 27, 2011
I upgraded my white 7" pandigital and now when trying to re-download my ebooks I'm getting an error message of "Cannot download this book...Your free storage space is not enough" Before the upgrade I didn't have to use and external SD card - it just downloaded the books to the internal drive. Do I now need the SD card in order to download my books?
#16 julieduke33, Sep 8, 2011
I appreciate this forum but there is another source that may prove to be more useful.
Try going over to Pandigital Novel Android Tablet Discussion - SlateDroid.com - Page 7

They seem to be a lot more active with this particular device.
#17 derfid, Sep 19, 2011
Hi everybody I have a white pandigital 7 I just tried to downloaded the newest Pan 7 android update to my pandigital it said everything downloaded fine so I turned it off like it said and then went to reboot it...sadly I am stuck with a blank black screen and the little android with a caution sign triangle. I can not get off of this screen and can not turn it off. I have tried resetting I mean nothing is working I can't get off this screen or my pandigital to turn off can anyone help me or any suggestions? :( would really appreciate the help :) thank you for your time.
#18 Kittywannaknow, Nov 12, 2011
Yea, but for some of us...the app is not on the tablet..at all..anywhere...and I can't load it!!
#19 Helena334, Nov 14, 2011
Hi, I find your suggestion seem useful but I am kind of confuse when you said ".net".
What is this? Do I have to download this....pls be specific. Thank you.
#20 stryker620, Dec 27, 2011
just got a White PDN. I cannot open the Kindle App. Every time I enter my account and click "Register" it comes back with No Internet Connection (even though I am definitely connected to the internet". Ideas?
#21 piggie669, Jun 1, 2012
Is there any way humanly possible to get the Kindle app back? When I did the update I didn't realize it was going to switch the e-reader app to B&N ... which I have never used but I have over 50+ in the Kindle on my desktop computer and was so excited to get this pre-installed with Kindle and now I have B&N? :(:mad:
#22 SandraHoutz, Aug 7, 2012
I was able to fix it last night ... you have to download the oldest Kindle app available ... it's 1.1 something ... and it worked ;) My Kindle is back on!
#23 SandraHoutz, Aug 8, 2012
Hi this message does not help you in fact it can hurt. I do not advise deleting the micro sd I reccomend copying the micro sd in case you don't get lucky with the mentioned install here is what I'd do. If it was me I would temporarily go to folder and file options on the P.C. and change the options from hide system files to show system files and folders that will insist with this issue and then use a adapter to install the micro sd card into the P.C. and copy the entire cards contents to a folder on your P.C so that if things fail you can rebuild your tablet back to it's original sate before you venture on this god forsaken journey. Remember I mentioned temporarily chnge folder and file option now you have to change them back so that the system files and folders will be hidden. GOOD LUCK YOU'LL NEED IT!
#24 dbarselow, Feb 6, 2013
Can I use my Samsung galaxy 3 phone to download the update for my pdn
#25 desiree udy, Jan 14, 2016