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PDAnet safe ?

are there some smarties here that can confirm that PDAnet is safe / secure and doesn't have spyware / adware type capabilities ? The reason I ask is because i'll be using it to tether to my laptop.

When installing on the laptop...certificate warnings pop up.. the same when installing on droid. (USB debugging warning comes up saying it has to be turned off) which basically means data can be transferred wherever..

thoughts ?


#1 john1975, Jan 16, 2010
These are good questions that I certainly can't answer. I've installed it on my Droid and netbook, but have turned debugging back off (or is it on?) on the Droid until I'm going to actually use PDAnet in the field. And then, I plan to only use it on a very limited basis -- only when there's no WiFi or phone signal... and even then, only to take a peek at email.
#2 (G), Jan 16, 2010
I believe that if you were to perform a search on this forum, as you should have done, you will find that PDAnet has been in use on many phones for a while now. During that time, there has been no reports of malicious problems coming from this program. I believe PDAnet has built up a strong reputation as a program that can be used without worry. Of course this is a decision you will have to make on you own, as a minority of individuals worry about Verizon (or your carrier) finding out and having an issue with PDAnet's use more so than PDAnet itself.
#3 Juneau, Jan 16, 2010