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Support PDAnet USB debugging enabled, still wont connect. help

Ok I searched the forum, can't seem to find a resolution to my problem.

I have PDAnet app on my phone, and I have PDAnet installed on the laptop also.

My pdanet on my laptop keeps telling me to make sure USB debugging is enabled on my vibrant, which it is. It keeps telling me that over and over, it won't connect.


I think the problem is drivers, not usb debugging. The strange thing is, since I got my vibrant, I just plugged it into my 2 laptops, and it recognized fine, the sd cards on the phone were easy accessible. Now I plug in vibrant into my computer, it finds the phone, shows the sd cards as f drive and g drive, but when I try to go to the sd card via usb connection, it is ghosted out, as if nothing is there. Something strange is going on. Maybe I need drivers, according to some sites, but it worked fine before without any drivers, it acted as universal plug and play. ummmm.

Got my laptop to mount and recognize the phone, but PDAnet still doesn't seem to recognize the phone/drivers.


#1 SamsungVibrant, Jul 27, 2010
I had the same problem, call Samsung customer service ask for 1st or third level help, they have a simple fix. I did it this morning and all is good.

I remember all but one step so i don't want to give it here and not have it work.
#2 rbcamping, Jul 27, 2010
i used the drivers from easy tether on my windows 7 pc and they worked great. Now if i could just get a 3G signal around here somewhere i'd be great.
#3 truoc444, Jul 27, 2010
Samung tech support sucks, they told me only Macs can use USB debugging on Samgung phones.

Install EasyTether. should have all the Samsung drivers there :)
#4 xmartinez22, Sep 29, 2010
You have to download the official samsung drivers form their website.

Go here> Samsung
#5 johnmed3, Sep 29, 2010
Or go to xda and install the mobileAP. Works flawlessly on my Vibrant and you don't have to install any software on your computer.:D

On the xda page, it's in the Vibrant/Vibrant Android Development section
#6 djquick, Sep 29, 2010