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Support PDF Manual for Goldengulf 7" Inch Latest Green 4.1 JellyBean Mini Android Computer

Hello, I just purchased the Goldengulf 7" Inch Latest Green 4.1 JellyBean Mini Android Computer on Amazon for my young granddaughter.

My understanding from some of the comments I have read on Amazon, is that it is basically an Android tablet, housed in a mini computer body for children.

Goldengulf appears to just be brand name, and they do not have their own website, at least not a fully functioning one. I just found a partially completed WordPress blog which was of no help to me. Even the contact form there does not work.

I am a long-time Macintosh user, and know nothing about the Android OS in this purchased mini children's computer.

Can someone here please tell me where I can download a PDF manual/user guide for the aforementioned product, or perhaps a PDF manual for the Android system which is included with this mini computer?

Also, will we be able to update the Android OS in this machine to the latest version when it arrives later this month? It is a real computer, and has wi-fi and Internet access.

Thank you in advance.


#1 AndroidN00by, Feb 11, 2016
I just conducted more research, and the following link may be of help to other users of the Goldengulf Jellybean 4.1 mini computer.

This is a downloadable PDF user guide for the Nexus 7 tablet, which uses the Android Jellybean 4.1 OS. It is 90 pages in length, and is quite comprehensive:

#2 AndroidN00by, Feb 11, 2016