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Support Peel TV smart remote

Hey guys I'm trying to use the peel smart remote. We have directv. The remote will turn on our samsung TV but won't run the direct TV box. Any ideas how to fix this? Also how do you pull your dvr up? Tia for any help you guys are able to provide.


#1 brian1985, Jun 5, 2015
Hi Brian,

After completing the TV setup in the Peel app, it should ask you if you have a cable or satellite box. Select the brand and it will run you through a similar set up as for the TV. (make sure your box is ON before the satellite box setup)

For DVR, you swipe the arrow on the right side of the screen left at the main remote page to pull up additional buttons for your cable box. On there should be a DVR button.
#2 RajCaj, Jun 5, 2015
I had no problems when configuring a new room with DirecTV. I just chose my TV and then DirecTV box and worked like a charm. I am a huge fan of this feature
#3 S6edge46220, Jun 6, 2015
I got it working guys.

[​IMG] what do the colored buttons do in this picture?
#4 brian1985, Jun 6, 2015
Whatever the colored buttons on your DTV remote do. Probably favorite channels
#5 S6edge46220, Jun 6, 2015