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Phone hacked???

I noticed my phone sending out messages that i havent typed and dont know what they are!!! Please help!!!!! Messages are as follows


#1 Michellemg, Apr 16, 2018
That is "Direct Carrier Billing" and could be apps you purchased in Play, or could be scammy things like a ringtones offer where you enter your phone number and they cram charges onto your bill.

When I was on Verizon Wireless there was an option in my account to not allow premium messaging. Choosing it would both turn off anything you subscribed to and prevent you from subscribing in the future.
#2 Unforgiven, Apr 16, 2018
Is there anyway to know what it is exactly...
#3 Michellemg, Apr 16, 2018
You can probably find out more information on our bill, or if you can log into your carrier and view your current charges. I think anything that crams onto your bill has to have a phone number to unsubscribe and challenge the subscription. I can't honestly think of any "good" thing I'd want to sign up for, so if the option to disable is there, use it.

BTW, I'm prepaid now, so this no longer is a concern for me.
#4 Unforgiven, Apr 16, 2018