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Support Phone in reboot loop/stuck in bootloader screen

hey guys, i need help here. please someone.
i have brand new One. have just used it once with a sim. and turned off for two days. today when i checked it. its just bootlooping. just reached till the HTC logo and turns off again and same cycle.
i kept pressing the volume down key, i think it enters some mode but just shuts down again in 2secs and loops again.
i am so frustated. what to do guys.
please advice.


#1 1981, May 3, 2013
Is it charged?
#2 whitecollar, May 3, 2013
Please take the phone into your local repair center and have them check it.

Agree above, is the phone charged?
#3 marctronixx, May 3, 2013
it kept on bootlooping the whole night. now its stopped doing that. when i connect it to charger, after sometime it gets very warm and starts bootlooping again. now its not even turning on till the htc logo when the charger is not connected.
so frustated, as i bought it brand new and sealed off ebay. didnt even start using it.
warranty is for 1yr rite. would it be a problem when i contact HTC service, since i dont have the bill and stuff.
#4 1981, May 4, 2013
if you purchased form a legitimate htc seller, just contact htc for warranty service or contact the ebay seller to see if there is a warranty grace period from them.

the phone has been released in less than a year so you should not need a bill of sale, but its best to contact HTC and have them officially tell you.

if you purchased off ebay, you have a transaction for that online in your ebay account.
#5 marctronixx, May 4, 2013
what is warranty grace period?
i contacted the ebay seller. but he says he wont refund and that its my responsilibity now, to do whatever is needed.
since this model is clearly less than an yr old, HTC would repair or replace it without any original bill, i hope.
but how could this be. can it be mostly a hardware issue? coz i tried a sim in that, to check whether its unlocked. matter of 45mts. no problems during that period. but when i turned it on again, the second time, after 2 days, the two soft capacitative keys were in a state of blinking while i was opening the box.
#6 1981, May 4, 2013
if the ebay sellers policy does not give you a replacement or money back, then your only recourse is to contact htc. no one can speak about what htc will do.

the transaction you did with the ebay seller sounds suspicious, but if he or she stated that in their rules, then the burden falls on you.

bottom line, contact htc. the is the best course of action from what i gather after reading your messages here.
#7 marctronixx, May 4, 2013
Have you tried a hard reset?

With the phone off, press and hold the Volume Down" button & switch on.
#8 Fonzig, May 6, 2013
Did you pay via Paypal?....raise a dispute with them if you did, goods not fit for use.
#9 craftycarper, May 6, 2013
If the seller had specific terms in that the phone is sold as is, there is nothing the buyer can do.
#10 marctronixx, May 6, 2013
Is he/she a private seller or a business seller?........if he/she is a business seller then they are bound by distance selling Regs, and should refund or would be better looking on Ebay forums for advice, but raise a Paypal or Ebay dispute regarding the item in the first instance.


Any update on your issue?
#11 craftycarper, May 6, 2013
Hey everyone,

I have had my HTC One less than 24 hours and am already having a pretty frustrating problem. My phone is randomly restarting itself and when it cuts back on I have lost all the following:

- setting / preference changes (most of them)
- pictures / videos (all)
- text message / call history (back to a certain point)
- downloaded apps / updates (some of them)

I love the phone and want to get this sorted out but it has been very aggravating already. Any ideas what may be causing this, or how to fix it?

I have tried doing the factory reset, but it does not clear everything like I have read it should. It leaves all my downloaded apps, settings, etc... It does clear some recent items, but not back to factory.

I am on Verizon if that matters.

Thanks everyone.
#12 TorinoCobra070, Sep 6, 2013
just take the phone back to the store, show it to the tech and get a replacement. you should be well within your 14 days since verizon just started selling this phone not too long ago.

i assume you are not rooted
i assume you did a full factory reset and not just a soft reset

if you have NO APPS on the phone that you installed and the phone keeps mis-behaving, it seems to be a phone defect.

if it keeps acting up EVEN after a factory reset, there could be something internally wrong with it, and unfortunately there could be a million things causing the issue.

having someone locally can offer you better help than over the internet.
#13 marctronixx, Sep 6, 2013
Yes, I followed the directions for a hard reset from the HTC support site ( It is more like it reset it back to a certain point last evening, but not all the way to factory settings.

I was hoping to avoid the store, but I am starting to come to the same conclusion that I probably just need to start from scratch again with a new phone.

Thank you for the quick response.
#14 TorinoCobra070, Sep 6, 2013
If the phone can't perform a full factory reset, it's quite possibly defective.
#15 marctronixx, Sep 6, 2013
On my phone the down volume and the power button works, until I'm in the hard reset menu the volume down and the power buttons don't work. Also the I can use the power button to turn on and off the phone but when I turn it on the reboot menu
#16 kooriboythad, Apr 24, 2014
I turned my HTC One M7 phone off for the the device uptake thing, but instead of manually turning it back on, it turned on by itself. It says I'm connected to WiFi, but the blue WiFi calling icon at the top doesn't show. In the settings, it says it is trying to enable. After about 45 seconds, the phone's screen turns back, and 2 seconds later, the phone turns back on normally. This process is repeating itself over and over again. The phone is not rooted or has any custom software. I'm on android 4.3, and I did a soft boot, but that did not help either. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
#17 Jrock7, May 16, 2014
very difficult to tell over the internet.

press the vol up plus power button until the phone restarts on its own. keep wifi turned off for this.

if you have a case and/or screen protector on, they could be causing an issue.

has the phone been dropped?

is fastboot ticked? if it is, disable.

if you installed or uninstalled an app prior to this, try and remove those recently added apps one by one and test to see if the phone returns to normal.

if the phone does not behave, you may have to do a factory reset.
#18 marctronixx, May 16, 2014
I already help volume up and power button for the soft boot. I already tried that. Fast boot is not ticked. I uninstalled the apps I've downloaded from the past month. I have a plastic transparent case that I just took off. I just tried the soft boot with wifi turned off, but it didn't work.
#19 Jrock7, May 16, 2014
again its difficult to diagnose over the internet.

a factory reset is almost guaranteed to fix the issue but you are aware of the CONs (setting up you phone) of factory resetting. choice is yours. it could be any number of issues causing your dilemma.

you can also go to your carrier and have them smoke it over.
#20 marctronixx, May 16, 2014
I tried the factory reset twice along with multiple "wipe cache partition"s and the problem persists. I went ahead and ordered a new phone.
#21 Jrock7, May 16, 2014
I've had my phone since January of this year. It was working fine until last night when I got this message "Sorry! is not responding."
A few minutes after this it rebooted itself and started doing this over and over. I turned it off and left it like that all night. This morning I turned it on and it was still doing that. After trying to fix it for a couple of hours I decided to factory reset it. That was a nightmare. it wouldn't let me go through the setup process, before I could finish it it would reboot itself. that happened 4 times. After that I gave up and just skipped the whole process so that I could at least use the phone again. Now my phone is completely stripped of all my info, apps, etc and, of course, it's still doing it! The phone is useless because it keeps rebooting itself over and over after a few minutes. What can I do? How can I fix this?
#22 Ana1990, May 18, 2014
Welcome to our forums Ana1990. In order to better help you we need a little bit of additional information. Are you locked or unlocked? S-on or s-off? Are you using a custom ROM? If you are, what ROM? Did you flash a custom kernel?

Please get back to us in this and we will help you as best as we can!
#23 SolApathy, May 18, 2014
Thanks so much for your answer! My phone is locked and s-on, and I do not have a custom ROM or flashed a custom kernel.
Again, thanks so much! This is driving me crazy :(
#24 Ana1990, May 18, 2014
Hi all,
This is my first post.
I searched the other topics and didn't find my exact situation:

My STOCK M7 has gone into a boot loop for the 2nd time. The first time I sent it to a repair centre and they merely wiped and re-applied the build.
I lost my data..

This time it happened as I was using the phone: was laggy, then eventually the screen went blank. Went into bootloop when I restarted it.

What I am hoping for is a way to restore my phone so that I can get the data off of it, and then I will factory restore it.

Is there a way to get access to my data at this stage?

Things I have tried:
Stock restore = Completed successfully, but no change
Stock cache clearing = completed successfully, but no change
(phone still boot loots)

Thanks guys,

#25 DarkHorseDre, Jun 29, 2014