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Support phone keeps opening apps by itself

hi, for the last 24 hours or so my phone has started opening apps by itself when i'm trying to do something, or for example when i'm texting it enters characters by itself or tries to add an attachment so starts up the camera etc etc. just generally has a mind of its own at times.
i've not done anything different or installed anything new. had the phone about 2 months and not had a problem with it until now.
would appreciate any suggestions??


#1 phillyuk, May 26, 2012
Do you have anti-virus/malware protection? If not, you might want to get something like Avast.
#2 ktriebol, May 26, 2012
I totally agree with Ktriebol. It seems like you have some kind of malware on your phone! Checking it with Avast or another anti-malware app is a good idea.
#3 Marcha, May 26, 2012
i have installed both AVG and Avast onto my phone and neither seem to have solved the problem. Items from various menus and apps/wdigets are still opening on their own!
#4 phillyuk, May 26, 2012
It's almost like there's an invisible finger touching my screen. Seems worse when it's hot or humid. I have it in the fridge right now to see if it works better when it's cool. But if someone has a fix for this.. please, please respond.

#5 stephlemay, Sep 5, 2014
Your phone could be defective or have humidity. I believe thats hardware issue, you can be sure flashing your firmware again to have a fresh start
#6 qashqool, Sep 21, 2014

I HAVE FOUND THE ISSUE! I have a samsung galaxy 3 and had the same issues. It would randomly open to either an internet browser or the play store. I scanned and cleaned and cleared the kasia and everything came up with no virus I finally decided to delete a few apps that I assumed could be the issue. And I found the culprit. I had CM antivirus and CM AppLock as well QuickPic which is owned by cm and I have not had the problem since. Even though CM antivirus and app lock are supposed to be effective to clean your phone they actually have more ads and popups sporadic on your phone. This would happen when I would unlock my phone or go to a nap or even just browsing on my phone delete anything that is owned by CM and you will not have the problem anymore
#7 Carey75, Nov 1, 2015