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Phone Stolen (with avast! Anti-Theft)

My HTC Desire S was stolen yesterday afternoon. I had avast! Anti-Theft installed but its useless as either the SIM has been removed or the phone has had a battery pull.

Some questions:
I have changed Google password and deauthorized Android through Google account options. Will the thief have access to downloaded emails etc. (access to contacts)?
I've blocked outgoing sms and calls while I wait for the new SIM process to deactivate the old SIM.
I've changed all my email account passwords that where on the phone and disassociated Facebook from mobile.

Any other recommendations? Your comments and opinions will be very much appreciated.


#1 Guru82, Sep 29, 2012
I believe once you've changed your password, the gmail app on the phone will lock out until you sign in with the new password. S I don't think they will eb able to get your emails, etc.
Your text messages will most likely be there, as well as your call log / phonebook. They'll have access to those.
Contact your carrier immediately and report the phone stolen. That should lock out the ESN, so they can't sell it or use it in the future. Once the phone is flagged it's prettm much useless.
As far as what to do now, I think is to wait and see if you can get a chance to use avast and either locate it or remote wipe it.

Sorry about you phone, that sucks. :(
#2 Granite1, Sep 29, 2012
depending on how motivated you are there are some "extra-marital" (lol) options you can pursue.
#3 KJohns, Sep 29, 2012
lol extra-marital options. thanks guys
#4 Guru82, Sep 29, 2012
As long as there is no contact – SIMcard pulled – no amount of motivation, extra-marital or not, is going to do you any good.
#5 Sommelier, Sep 29, 2012
#6 KJohns, Sep 29, 2012
Did you enable the function of AVAST to resist factory reset and lock the phone down on SIM pull? I think you can still locate it even with that.
#7 chanchan05, Sep 30, 2012
The user will have access to your contacts on the phone. I have tried this on my One X by swapping with DW's SIM (and it messed up my contacts a big time)

I also wonder, isn't there any stock android app that, no matter what you do, someone can figure out your location like the one in iOS? If not, may be it should be suggested.

I ALWAYS wondered this, esp. when I am driving on an unknown (to me) route and I see reckless drivers passing by or coming onto me. What if something happens and I have to call 911, I can not tell them my exact location, can they find out my location from my cellphone. It WILL be great if they can but I want a black and white answer, yes or no?
#8 deltaforce, Sep 30, 2012
Cell tower triangulation can be off by half a mile. So that's useless. Then there would have to be a way to remotely enable GPS
#9 Sommelier, Sep 30, 2012
Yes, they can. The guy that posted about "triangulation" is off his rocker. Most of the police stations now use the e911 system (enhanced 911) meant specifically to be able to track mobile devices lol. Granted they arent in every city and such yet but they are in mine :) On a direct call with the police - they can find you.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enhanced_9-1-1#Wireless_enhanced_911 <---
#10 KJohns, Sep 30, 2012
I wish I had of enabled those options. Too late now :( Will be enabling those options on my other one. If I had of followed http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/smartphones/set-up-avast-anti-theft-on-an-android-phone/5616 and http://www.guidingtech.com/13234/set-up-use-avast-anti-theft-android/, I could of possibly had success locating or at least relief knowing my phone would be locked.
Have notified the police, listed the IMEI as stolen. Who knows, maybe the IMEI will be reported to a mobile service provider when used on a mobile network. Wouldn't it be great.

For the new security setup, I'll be using PIN code instead of pattern. Even though I know they are probably hardcore druggo freaks and dumb as a nuts in a fairy floss factory, I'm guessing they may have worked out the simple pattern by now.

Will follow
#11 Guru82, Oct 4, 2012
I think some apps, maybe Where's my Droid will text a number if the sim is changed and then you know the new Sim number that was inserted.
#12 Lars, Oct 5, 2012
Yes, avast! can do it too [edit: Now i look at avast! protection behaviour, I don't think it will send new SIM number via SMS], just need to setup the options properly and know how to use it. If I had have taken more time and thoroughly investigated and tested the Anti-Theft, I could have possibly created a brick for the thief.

So, now my security (piece of mind) is set like this:
Screen lock PIN (immediately): Check
avast! PIN: Check
^ PIN recovery to other mobile: Check
^ Anti-Theft installed as custom app (root): Check
^ Remote Control set to other mobile: Check
^ Store settings (hard-reset proof): Check
^ Protection behaviour all options enabled: Check
^ Lock text: Please phone ### (landline number)
^ Auto enable GPS: Check

The Protection behaviour should deny access to system settings and therefore GPS should stick.
Think that should do the trick, if the worst was to happen again. Best case scenario; phone returned (found or otherwise). Worst case scenario; phone ends up landfill or fully wiped for thief to either use or sell. Even better case scenario; I track them down and remove fingers with bolt cutters... my phone was stolen on private property, I didn't leave it on the park bench or something stupid like that.
#13 Guru82, Oct 6, 2012
I've been testing avast! locate command via website. It has been extremely flaky. Locate only worked once. I went through the following trying to get it at a reliable state, but nothing has worked so far.
1. Checked Mobile network settings... APN is set correctly, data is enabled
2. Enabled GPS satellites and Reinstalled location data
3. Restarted phone
4. Avast! emailed me saying settings updated. Had to re-enter international mobile number into avast! settings at the website
5. Removed the device via website and logged out
6. Restarted phone
7. Selected avast! Account and disconnected
8. Reconnected avast! Account on phone
9. Signed back into account on PC. A locate command has been successfully issued... waited 5 minutes, still no location :mad:

It's driving me nuts. The Anti-Theft may lock on SIM change etc., but the online location service is currently unreliable for me. Have yet to test SMS commands. I'm considering alternatives, which is a pain to me because I loved everything else avast! has to offer.
#14 Guru82, Oct 7, 2012
If you have a Samsung, with stock ROM, Samsung Dive is the most accurate phone locator I've seen yet. Found my phone's location to an accuracy of 10m.
#15 chanchan05, Oct 7, 2012
I've had success with SMS command 'CODE locate', with GPS both enabled and disabled. It stated GPS active and within 30m for both GPS settings while I have the Auto GPS enable option checked. Unfortunately, the actual found location with phone was towards the outer range. Probably 10-15m from centre. I am inside house with phone, so probably the result would be better with open sky.
I'm happy that at least the SMS code can assist in location. The website works well with other commands such as lock and siren etc. Sticking with avast! :D

avast! Anti-Theft SMS commands: http://www.avast.com/en-us/free-mobile-security#tab5
#16 Guru82, Oct 7, 2012