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Root Phone wont boot past lg screen!! plse help!

so i installed rom manager to my optimus m and went to save a backup of my current rom.then while doing that it froze up for a while.so i took out the battery and tried rebooting and now it just gets stuck on the lg logo..i tried the hard reset by holding power,home and vol down and it wont do anything.is there ANYTHING else i can do to fix??your input is appreciated!


#1 mikekelso421, Feb 1, 2011
try turning off the phone, then press home+vol. down+power and hold it for a couple of seconds while phone boots. It should trigger the recovery.

If it does not work refer to "custom optimus m recovery" thread in all root forum.
#2 unnamedny, Feb 1, 2011
hold power,vol up and down?
#3 mikekelso421, Feb 1, 2011

home+volume down+power button. press all at once when phone is off
#4 unnamedny, Feb 1, 2011
tried it.didnt do anything...any other suggestions?
#5 mikekelso421, Feb 2, 2011
so i did everything on this above post but my phone wont even boot up and my computer wont reconize the phone for the program to even work....am i totally screwed or what?!
#7 mikekelso421, Feb 2, 2011
im having the same problem you have!!!! did you find out a way to fix it????
#8 osvaldoglz, Apr 1, 2012
you probably bricked, this thread is dead, go here: http://androidforums.com/optimus-m-all-things-root/364080-unbrick-phone-lg-screen.html
#9 sammyz, Apr 1, 2012
sorry I screwed up that url (fixed it already), sorry for the confusion....
#10 sammyz, Apr 1, 2012
did you guys managed to fix it? i mean do i have hope?
#11 osvaldoglz, Apr 1, 2012
yes, follow the link I posted, you have to read everything twice and make sure you do everything correctly, also if you have windows vista or win 7 I recommend turning off UAC
#12 sammyz, Apr 1, 2012
I am currently having this issue. Has anyone found a way to get my phone back on so I can retrieve my info?
#13 fairybutterflies, Jul 10, 2016
I went to the site you recommended and it was asking me to do options I don't have. You have anything else I can do?
#14 fairybutterflies, Jul 10, 2016