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Support Phone Won't Connect to PC

I want to put music on my phone from my computer. It charges so I know it's atleast plugged in. It's a newer-ish phone so I can't find much help about it. I read something on a site that said there's a place to change the function when you plug the phone into the computer, but I don't remember the site, and have gone thru all the settings on my phone. I even tried my old USB cable from the old myTouch and that only charged it as well. HELP PLEASE! :eek:


#1 alymakay, Feb 20, 2012
When you plug in your phone does it ask to turn it into mass storage device? If not, go to settings and and check box that says "Mass Stoarge when USB Plugged in"...or something like that
#2 joshdodge96, Feb 20, 2012
In the storage settings it says:
Mass Storage Only
USB connection mode is mass storage only.
Do I want that box checked? I didn't try that yet and might fix everything! Hoping so :)
#3 alymakay, Feb 20, 2012
yes..check that box...when you plug your phone in, it will always use your phone as a storage device (portable hard drive if you will)....hope that helps
#4 joshdodge96, Feb 22, 2012