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Pip Boy Theme

I am finally making the switch from the iPhone (3G, 4, 5) to an Android phone. I'm still not certain if I want the LG G3 or the Galaxy S5.

As for my question... I have seen some really cool images of Android phones with Pip Boy (Fallout) themes. Will the LG G3 support this kind of in depth theme modification? I assume that pretty much any Android phone can support it, since nearly endless customization options is one of the features Android is most lauded for, but I want to make sure before I settle on which phone to buy.

Feel free to add your recommendations between the LG G3 and S5 as well, if you like.

Thank you.

Pictures for reference:




#1 tdewald, Sep 10, 2014
I have been playing New Vegas finally so this caught my eye.

Anyway you need to install a launcher to apply these themes. Launchers work on all androids and just replace the stock launcher the phone came with. generally unless you have a nexus device, the manufacturer has their own launcher installed (samsung: touchwiz, htc: sense, etc)

There are different themes for the different launchers. Not sure which one you posted but make sure you get the correct launcher for the theme you want. https://play.google.com/store/search?q=pipboy&c=apps&hl=en
#2 legalkill, Sep 11, 2014
Galaxy S5 is a good phone but has alot of bloatware. I went from Samsung GS4 to Lg G3.
To be honest, going from apple to android is a learning curve.

Best suggestion is to go a store and play with it for a while to see which fits to your style better?
#3 Gremlin256, Sep 11, 2014