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Play Music and audio books

Hi, not sure if this is android in general, or just my Nexus 4 (prob. just MY nexus 4...)

Anyway, I use Google Play Music, across a few devices, and love it.
However, I also use my N4 to listen to audio books and other audio files.
When audio is added e.g. to a folder "audiobooks", Play Music adds it to my library.
All well and good, but I often have Play Music on Shuffle, so get tunes interrupted by books, plays, comedy recordings etc.

Please, where on my N4 can I put audio so that Google Play Music ignores them, and I can use separate app for books etc.?


#1 Octafish, Aug 12, 2015
I'm guessing you may have to create a .nomedia file in the folder where you have the audio books and other files, however, I'm not sure if that will affect the other apps used to listen to the books.
Hmm, interesting question for sure:)

Hopefully someone will chime in that knows more than I do :)
#2 Mikestony, Aug 12, 2015
You hit the nail on the head Mikestony. That's exactly what you do.
#3 dontpanicbobby, Aug 13, 2015
Another option is to create a playlist in the Google Play Music app that only includes songs that you want to listen to and not the audiobook files. I too have audio books on my google play music and that is what I did
#4 PrinceCorwin, Aug 21, 2015