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Please help with GO SMS Pro

I am trying to accomplish two things with the settings in GO SMS Pro.

1. I would like to change the notification icon that appears in the status bar when I have a new text. Is this possible? If so, step by step, where do I find this option?

2. With use of the DIY theme I was able to customize my settings the way I prefer with the exception of changing the color of the conversation bubbles. Step by step, how do I access this setting so I can change the colors?



#1 KimberlyClaire, Mar 29, 2012
PS I used to use Chomp, and they had the option of several different notification icons in the status bar. I prefer GO SMS Pro over Chomp, if only I could solve these two issues. As I prefer GO SMS Pro, switching back to Chomp is not a solution for me.
#2 KimberlyClaire, Mar 29, 2012
The settings are pretty straight forward.

Notification icon: Go SMS Pro>Menu>Settings>Advanced>Notifications Settings>Default Notification Settings>Notification icon

Bubble color (note you have to be in Normal Mode or Pro Mode for this. To do that, go to Settings>Basic>Running Mode): Menu>Settings>Appearance Settings>Conversation Customization>Incoming/Outgoing background color. Basically its an RGB slider where you can define colors by mixing red, green and blue.
#3 chanchan05, Mar 30, 2012
Thank you! I didn't think to look in the default settings, but there it was!
#4 KimberlyClaire, Apr 2, 2012
I used to have these Go sms Pro settings before, however when I stop some running some apps on my phone, time shown for each message are now shown on clusters. I really want to see each time I sent my messages and vice versa. Please help. Thanks.
#5 iannquitilen, Jun 27, 2014