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Hello all, I'm new here and searching for a possible solution to an issue in relation to text messaging. I have an LG G Stylo on Boost mobile and I'm not receiving some text messages at times. I recently upgraded to the Stylo from a ZTE Warp about 2-3 months ago. I can't remember for sure but I may have had this issue on the ZTE but if I did it was very rare compared to now with the Stylo.
The issue I'm having is that sometimes I'm not receiving some text messages from my girlfriend. We text a lot throughout the day and occasionally I won't receive one of her texts but she ALWAYS recieves ALL of mine. She has an iPhone 6 plus on Sprint. Now, I don't know if the reason that it only seems to happen with her is because of the fact that we text so frequently or not but it's been frustrating and today it seems to have gotten worse. There's been 4 or 5 of her texts that I've missed just today so I've decided to try to find a solution. Also, a lot of times when she sends me a photo it wont download. It just sits there with that wheel spinning. She's had to send a picture 2 or 3 times before until one finally came through while the previous attempts just continue to sit there with the wheel spinning. A few days ago, by accident, I found out that if she sends one and it won't download I just send her a picture and somehow as soon as mine sends it makes the one that she sent load. It has worked every time since.
I appologize for the lengthy post but I wanted to provide as much information as possible. I've searched around a bit but haven't been able to figure out exactly what might be the problem and if there is a solution or not. I've read where some people have suggested that it's just an "overload" in the phone carriers system so messages end up not making it through but in this case I feel like maybe there could be another cause considering the fact that she always gets all of my texts and it's just my phone that's not receiving some of hers. I'm with Boost and she has sprint so we both have the same network. Any ideas as to what is causing this to happen? I've also noticed that a lot of times I don't even get a notification when I receive a text. I'll open up my text messaging threads and see that I have a text that way but never received a notification. Sometimes it will vibrate but not show any visual notification (unless I just open the thread and see that there is a message there) and sometimes there's no vibration or notification. I'm hoping there is some kind of solution. Thanks in advance for any help.


#1 jt86tn, Dec 4, 2015
I can't give anything solid to you, just conjecture, but it's based on many years as a Virgin Mobile/Sprint customer and owner of several LG phones. The problem you're having is one that I've had over the years, too. It seems to be partially a Sprint-branded service issue, and partially an LG flaw (the Optimus Elite was notorious for deciding it didn't want to send or receive texts, especially MMS.). Even now, on Sprint itself with an iPhone 6, I find times where the signal seems to "freeze," and making a call will suddenly cause a flood of texts to arrive. I'm sorry I'm not knowledgeable enough to know what causes it, but you're definitely not the only one it happens to. You can try the ##72786# network reset code, or ask Boost to reprovision your account, and see if that helps. Not all service people know what that means, so you can also ask one of their Social Media Representatives through Facebook - they are better informed than the average phone rep.

The LG Volt also seems to have the "no notification" problem you described. It happened to me when I used one, and it's happening to my daughter now with a different Volt and a different service provider. You can consider a third party texting ago to see if it will help with the notification problem.

I realize this is kind of rambling too, but hopefully the suggestions help a little... as does the knowledge that it's definitely not only you having problems.
#2 aml1025, Dec 4, 2015
Just a quick question ... have you ever had an iPhone associated with your phone number? Your GF is probably using iMessage which should send you SMS okay, but if you at anytime had that number associated with an iPhone, and therefore iMessage, your GF's phone is still trying to use only iMessage and not translate to SMS.
#3 lunatic59, Dec 4, 2015
No I've never had an iPhone...always been android

What exactly is that and what all does it reset?
#4 jt86tn, Dec 4, 2015
It's a dialer code. You enter it in the phone dialer. This one resets your network connection, restarts the phone, and performs PRL and profile updates. It doesn't reset any information stored on the phone itself.
#5 aml1025, Dec 4, 2015
I'm having the same issue. My wife has an LG Volt 2 and I have the Stylo. We are both on Boost. She will send me messages and randomly some I will never get. I believe she always gets mine.
#6 Murf1, Dec 5, 2015
Any sort of resolution on this issue? I am having the exact same issue with my LG G Stylo on Boost Mobile and its killing my game
#7 krammkracer, Jan 15, 2016
Unfortunately I haven't had any luck fixing/figuring it out. Very puzzling and frustrating. One day it might happen 4 or 5 times...then the next day it may not happen at all. You would think that the "overload in the system" would be the explanation but it's just odd to me that it only happens on my end and not my girlfriends (who also has sprint).
#8 jt86tn, Jan 15, 2016
This is a odd issue. I've replaced my LG G Stylo twice due to this issue alone. I like the phone, not the hassle that seems to be bundled with it.
#9 BrickHouse, Jan 15, 2016 Last edited: Jan 17, 2016
This is an odd issue. I've replaced my LG G Stylo twice due to this issue. I line the phone, not the messaging issues that seem to be bundled with it.
#10 BrickHouse, Jan 15, 2016
I found a fix... I bought nexus 6 and switched to AT&T and that seemed to do the trick ;)
#11 krammkracer, Jan 15, 2016
Not for me. At least not until they credit the $600 I paid them and repay the additional $300 they owe me!

I won't give those thieves my business!!!
#12 BrickHouse, Jan 15, 2016
Hi there! I just got my Lg G Stylo as an early bithday gift and I had the same problem with not recieveing messages and/or notifications for messages. I don't think it's a problem with the service, but with the messaging app itself. A few days ago, I switched from the stock messaging app to Hangout (Google's messaging app that comes pre-installed on the phone). Since making Hangout my default messenger, I haven't had the problem again. If you find you don't like Hangout, you could try downloading a different messaging app from the Play Store as well. Hope this helps :)
#13 LaDonnaxo, Mar 15, 2016
Hmm, I might have to try that. Thanks for the tip.

UPDATE: Enabled Hangouts and it said to instead try Google Messenger (which take up less space). So I disabled Hangouts and installed Google Messenger. I will see how that works out. However, same issue on a different post a guy said he has been with Boost for 10 years and they have always had a terrible messaging service. So there is one persons experience.
#14 Murf1, Mar 15, 2016 Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
yeah i can say from personal experience that boost, virgin mobile, and sprint were the worst at not getting texts. that whole network is pretty terrible IMO
#15 kcarden, Mar 15, 2016
I have this exact same problem on Virgin. I read that other users who upgraded to Marshmallow have had these same issues as well, so I've been working off the assumption that it's a 6.0.0 thing. There is a hotfix (6.0.1), but who knows when Virgin, et al. will get around to releasing it, and if it will even solve the problem.

I did have a similar issue with my LG Volt, but it wasn't nearly as bad. On the Stylo, I've tried switching messaging apps, renewing my PRL (the APN is locked, so I can't just try adding new one), and two factory resets. It does work slightly better than a month and a half ago, but not by much. So I'm looking into rooting it now. I may have spent $130 on this stupid phone, but I feel like it's been money wasted. If rooting doesn't look viable, I may just ditch this thing.

Anyway, thank you others for the suggestions. I will also give them a try. Google Messenger didn't seem to work for me, but I can at least try Hangout.
#16 Velynna, Mar 23, 2016
Texting services simply are not completely compatible with each other. It's not like email where it makes no difference when you're using a different email service than your recipient. Email is universal, SMS and especially MMS are not. Different carriers are not the issue, it's the fundamental lack of cooperation between the different texting services with each other. So Apple's iMessage exchanges with Facebook's WhatsApp just won't be a 100% reliable matter. If you want seamless texting between others you all need to be using the same service. It's not like email where, for example, you use Gmail, your Mom uses Yahoo Mail, your best friend uses a work mail account, and all of you can exchange emails without a glitch. With texting, some companies are more focused on their own closed ecosystem so compatibility is a secondary consideration, some companies just want their protocol to become the common standard. But at this point we as consumers just have to wait for the dust to settle.
#17 svim, Mar 23, 2016
That doesn't help to explain why I don't always get my wife's texts. We have the same carrier, and, until recently, had the same brand, even if not the same phone.
#18 Velynna, Mar 23, 2016
This is why the importance of RCS is being pushed ahead and focused on so much now even by Google, RCS will get rid of that SMS/MMS problem and it's limitations. https://jibe.google.com/
#19 n1nj4Lo, Mar 23, 2016 Last edited: Mar 23, 2016
That looks cool. Hope they can go to that.
#20 Murf1, Mar 24, 2016
A common standard would be great, but a major stumbling block is the difficulty in coercing all the different services to re-center on that standard. While Facebook is continuously building up it's own ecosystem, at least Zuckerberg has not been completely averse to adopting common standards so if FB switched that would add a lot of momentum. The problem will be Apple and it's iMessage. Most big corporations don't play nice with their competition so this isn't dumping on Apple specifically but it's just not a company that cares about cooperation, and it can always rely on it's blindly loyal user base to hold little regard to those outside the Apple-verse. Most of us just want to buy our gadgets and have them work, but as consumers any power to control the marketplace is fading.
#21 svim, Mar 24, 2016
I just got this same phine and I am with Boost also. I've found that when I don't receive texts, it's during the same time that I'm playing downloaded games on my phone.

I need to fix this. So other than telling me not to play games, is there a solution?
#22 Sharla, Mar 24, 2016
Doesn't matter that you are playing games. Boost texting sucks. Been on Boost for around 5 months now, and left yesterday.

I'll start out saying I was on Virgin Mobile for many years and never missed texted messages like I have on Boost. Strange that they run on the same network....

So all are aware. I'm still on 5.1.1. Do not want to install MM since it can not be rooted on Boost.

I tried the network reset. Resetting the phone. Called LG, Boost.
I'm just tired of not receiving text messages.

So yesterday I got the Metro PCS version of the Stylo. I'm hoping the texting is

sue is the network, not the phone as I'll have the same issue if it's phone related. Been trying to text a lot to make sure everything comes through. If I have any signs of problems the phone goes back ASAP.
I haven't done a Google searched yet, Anyone know of any way to tell what text messages have been sent to your phone using a PC? that way I could double check and see if everything is making it to the phone?

The extra gig of RAM make the phone smoother then the Boost version for sure. I also have plenty of space for my apps now, it's got 16 gig ROM.
#23 elgecko, Mar 27, 2016
Take a look at MightyText:
#24 svim, Mar 27, 2016
I notice sometimes when I get messages (text only, no pictures) and "Data" is off, the message just has a button to "download". When I click it to download it says "downloading...", but I never get the message even though WIFI is turned on . Then if I turn "Data /4G" on, the message will actually download and I can see the text. What's up with that?!? Why only on "Data" will it download? The bad thing is I get no vibrate or sound for these kinds. I have to actual pull up texting app and see them in bold to know I have a message. Also, I keep data turned off all the time unless I need it for something. I use to have an app the would turn data on/off at intervals, but it quit working in lollipop. Don't know if it will work under MM.
#25 Murf1, Mar 30, 2016