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Problems logging into Citibank?

Hey - any Citibank users out here? Trying to determine if my phone is somehow messed up, or if this affects all Droid users.

I always used to be able to go to on my Droid, log in and have access to all my banking. Last few days, when I enter the site, and then click 'Sign on', I get: "Your phone is not supported by Citi Mobile". Accoding to CitiMobile, with a "smartphone" I should be able to log on as usual, while regular phones - or rather, a limited selection of other phones - need a special Citi Mobile app. My friend's Nexus One seems to do just fine.


#1 scorrpio, Mar 17, 2010
I had no problems logging in. This was my first time logging in on my phone.

I'm using Dolphin Browser. The other thing I noticed is twice I had to click continue because it was giving me a warning about certificates.

I suggest you clear your cache and cookies and try again. Maybe that will clear it up for you.
#2 Graz, Mar 17, 2010
Did it give you full (desktop) website or the mobile one? I tried via Opera, default browser, and via Dolphin. I actually was able to login once by directly typing in the login page URL - it took me to mobile site. But ever since then, it redirects me to 'phone not supported' page. Yes, I tried clearing everything (cache/cookies/passwords etc). Opera actually takes me to login page - but when I enter login info, instead of going forward, it just reloads the login page.

Think you could try logging in again, and see if it works? (By logging in, I mean not just running the site, but actually accessing your accounts) Thanks.
#3 scorrpio, Mar 17, 2010
Ok, I went to google and typed in citibank.

Went to the site through the link provided ( and it came up with the full site, not mobile.

Signed in, put in my verification debit card and account number, and wala all my info came up no problems. Again it's the full site NOT mobile.
#4 Graz, Mar 17, 2010
Having same problem. Started yesterday. Was working fine on sunday. Still cant login to account.
#5 eeisenb, Mar 17, 2010
Hmm, I JUST formatted my phone, rooted and put BB .8 rom with Chevy's 1 kernel. Not too many apps loaded back yet, so I don't know what it could be but it's working fine for me.
#6 Graz, Mar 17, 2010
Rooted and with a custom ROM? I figure that must be it. Looks like their site is looking at specific device signature, and defaults to full site if it doesn't match anything. As I said, friend's N1 also loads full site. Will see if 2.1 update will fix this. And thanks eeisenb - I was about starting to think just my phone was going south. If not, I told Citi they got a week to fix this before I take my accounts elsewhere. Not that they will really care, but hey - you never know.
#7 scorrpio, Mar 17, 2010
I had the same problem. Use dolphin browser. Goto settings, then user agent, select desktop. The websites will recognize the phone as a desktop pc and there you go citi online. It worked with my moto droid.
#8 hadihizlan, Mar 17, 2010
Everytime I try to log in it asks me for my debit card number and my pin. Call me paranoid but I don't enter it. Hoping they make an app for Android.
#9 doomedromance, Mar 17, 2010
For your pin?? It asked me for my card number and my account number, no pin.
#10 Graz, Mar 17, 2010
I overlooked that agent setting. Yup, works now. Btw, it is only supposed to ask card number/pin/account only once when you setup user id/password.
#11 scorrpio, Mar 18, 2010
Stock G1, TMobile, current version of Android.
Opera loops back to login page.

For the Android browser,
I cleared both the cache & cookies.
It results in the same forwarding me to a page displaying the following error:
"Your phone is not supported by Citi Mobile. For a list of supported devices, please go to"

The best part: when browsing to, the same error is displayed.
"Your phone is not supported by Citi Mobile. For a list of supported devices, please go to"

CitiMobile? more like ChittyMobile =(
#12 IrefulSoul, Apr 24, 2010
I called CitiBank 2 months ago and the CSR said they were "performing upgrades."
This isn't an upgrade when I was able to access perfectly 3 months ago and now after the upgrade I can't even login.
#13 IrefulSoul, Apr 24, 2010
I've had the same issue logging onto the Citibank website in the last couple months. I've since downloaded the Assistant app from Market and you can use that to check your account balance and history it much less time, and best of all it's free. I recommend this as a workaround until Citibank recognizes Android (again).
#14 publicanimal, Apr 24, 2010
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Citigroup pushing record number of credit card offers via mail
Citigroup hopes to bridge this void by bringing disgruntled debit card customers over to its credit cards.
#15 yannyZZ, Sep 24, 2011