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Problems with Playon.....help!

I have it installed on both a pc and my xoom. I am able to open playon and see my stuff (i.e my videos on amazon VOD), but when I try to play them, they just open a "description" screen where the top half of the screen is grey, and nothing else happens. I have checked my settings, reset both the pc and my xoom, and nada.

Any suggestions?

BTW, I did try to search, but only found people touting the success of playon.



#1 jhat3k1, Mar 17, 2011
Never mind, I realized I had to long press the grey area, and wait a moment. I guess I am impatient.
#2 jhat3k1, Mar 17, 2011
I thought I read in the forums that this could be used outside of the home while not on my wifi network. When I tether my xoom to my phone, it says "playon pc cannot be found".

Do I need to setup something in my router to make that work?
#3 jhat3k1, Mar 17, 2011
You shouldn't have to manually do port fowarding or anything, no. Did you follow their instructions for setting up the android app? The first time you connect needs to be on Wifi to do the discovery.

Click on the Android app link here and it'll get you started. Their support is good and they have user forums if you get stuck. Supported Devices Compatible with PlayOn | PlayOn
#4 clb2196, Mar 17, 2011
I have set it up, and can view content while connected to the same network. I opened the playon settings, ensured mobile was active, but it fails when doing the mobile test. I opened my router settings and ensured remote management was off.

In the mobile access test area it says unknown for the lan and wan IP.
#5 jhat3k1, Mar 17, 2011
I would post in the forum and contact support. they seem to be pretty good about getting back to you quickly.
#6 clb2196, Mar 17, 2011
I have no been able to get mobile access setup. If fails the test....and can't get the LAN or wan. Any suggestions?
#7 jhat3k1, Mar 17, 2011
you need to manually setup port forwarding. if you dont know how to do that, read their manual on their site.

you run a linksys/cisco router? you dont have to turn off remote management.
#8 marctronixx, Mar 17, 2011
I have a problem with PlayOn working on my Xoom - but unlike jhat3k1, I figured out to long-press the blank gray area. But when I do so, I get "stream not found null" message, on Hulu, Netflix, syfy channel, etc.

Any ideas? Installed PlayOn on my PC, and it opens fine and finds my Queue for instant Netflix, but just won't play. Any help appreciated ! New to forums, excuse any faux pas.
#9 gsgm, Mar 20, 2011