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Pubg lag in my mobile
Even though it has GPU it lags
My phone is Infocus turbo 5
Suggest me best solution


#1 mplayervj, May 14, 2018
Question: Do you have Root? If so, many options are available to try..

If you're Not Rooted, all you can really do is:
- disable background data of most apps not being used
- close out all recents and use Greenify app to suppress background functions of apps you're not using while gaming..
#2 bcrichster, May 14, 2018
All phones have GPUs, and that's quite a low-powered SoC there (System on a Chip). So if this app is in any way demanding it may be that there's nothing you can do. But try the suggestions above, let us know if you have root, and let's hope something helps.
#3 Hadron, May 14, 2018
Doesn't PUBG have a graphic setting? Set graphics to low. It should be better...
#4 Daniel Fernandes, May 14, 2018
PUBG is quite a demanding game graphically, and the Infocus Turbo 5 being a budget Mediatek device, it's not particularly "turbo".
#5 mikedt, May 14, 2018