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Qualcomm iZat accelerated location

So i didnt even know this was on my phone until today when i went to location to change the location settings to battery saver instead of high accuracy. Than i saw enhanced location - Qualcomm iZat which says on the website .....
Built right into Qualcomm mobile chipsets, IZat is optimized to provide the best location capabilities with a minimal impact on battery life. With location features always running in the background, you can rely on your mobile sidekick to make life more convenient, without the inconvenience of recharging.

Evidently the location accuracy is within 15 feet.

So im giving it a shot. With this enabled im still able to set my location settings to battery saving. This is all new to me so i figured others would chime in with experiences maybe. Seems qualcomm is very innovative especially with quick charge 2.0 and actually and in real world can charge a phone from 0-100 in 90 min. So im a believer in this company.

What do you guys think?


Fyi im on ZTE Boost Max device


#1 MustangLife, Feb 5, 2015
15 feet is close enough to step on you from a 100 miles away :)

I think that is pretty good especially if the battery budget is very light.
#2 AZgl1500, Feb 6, 2015