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Question regarding "Where's My Droid"

I can't find the answer ANYWHERE, and I've even written to the makers at "help@wheresmydroid.com", they have not replied to my request for help.

I need to know how to send a stealth command.

Instructions say I "CAN" send one, but I'm not sure how to. I left the default attention words, and have used them. It worked BEAUTIFULLY, although the finder of the phone responded with "idk" so he was obviously reading my text commands and later said he interpreted the "wmd gps" as "where's my damn gps" LOL
(I never told him what it really meant)

Anyway, I'd like to know how to to do it stealth. What is the exact command line? Nobody can seem to help me. I think it MAY be written like this "
wmd gps wmd stealth" but I'm not sure, and I haven't gotten the phone back yet to try, and I'd like to try.

Can someone please help me?



#1 DRLx2, Aug 28, 2012
have you logged into the command centre on the where's my droid site? That is done in stealth as i recall.
#2 monnty, Aug 28, 2012
I've tried, but it won't locate. As soon as I log on, it say's it's ready and gives me the date of the first time I logged on, then just hangs. I think I remember something about it doing this under certain situations, but I don't recall the circumstance.

It's only in Beta stage right now, and I looked for some solution on that as well, but couldn't find anything on that either. :(
#3 DRLx2, Aug 28, 2012