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Support QuickMemo+ ?

I did an export of the items I have saved in QuickMemo+, but I cannot find it. Is QuickMemo+ an LG app? I'm thinking it is so wanted to export it so I could save the data (text) into some other app if I ever get an non-LG phone. Any ideas?


#1 Murf1, Apr 4, 2016
Open APP drawer>File Manager>All Files>SD Card>QuickMemo if exported to SD Card. If exported to Internal Storage, click Internal Storage.

For both, click Import Memo and it should open for you. Works on my 6.0 MM Stylo.

Hope this helps !
#2 ogsk8er, Apr 4, 2016
Thanks. What I am interested in is seeing if it can be opened with another program in order to copy the text out of it. If I get another phone (non-LG) I want to copy the text and put it in some other app without having to retype it all. It shows where it is saved real quick - QuickMemo folder. But all the files in that folder have today's date on them so I cannot tell which one is the exported file.
#3 Murf1, Apr 4, 2016
Have you considered syncing it to Google Drive? I think it's built in to sync. I set mine up and was able to resync when I flashed/updated to MM
#4 tube517, Apr 4, 2016
QuickMemo+ and it's obscure format is crap to me, so I wouldn't really worry about it, WTF would ya wanna save a note to a format no other android's can read??? :eek::thinking:

I just use EverNote for my stuff, no device or format limitations, universal across everything.
#5 n1nj4Lo, Apr 4, 2016
Well this phone has so little storage that I try to use the built-in apps when possible so I have more room for other apps. I've always had LG brand phones (smart phones anyway) and like them. So also, I guessed I'd always have an LG. I'll have to look into a different app I guess. I think Google has one too. Looking for one with the smallest footprint.
#6 Murf1, Apr 5, 2016
Google Keep is a good "small" memo/note app.

Evernote is just plain powerful and is the premier note taking app.

I use both as well as QuickMemo+(for when I need a pen/paper immediately)
#7 tube517, Apr 5, 2016