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Support Random pop-up ads??

Basically my phone gets pop-up ads and fake "virus warnings" all the time. Even when I'm not using any apps and I'm just on my home screen. I've tried uninstalling apps that might have been the cause and that didn't work. Does anyone have any possible explanations or solutions?


#1 deannar0se, Aug 11, 2014
Sounds like an app is doing that, try this app it might help you determine which one is doing it. It tells you what app is doing what and grades them red, yellow and green depending on what they are up to.

Good luck and hope that helps.

#2 ViralGold, Aug 11, 2014
Add-ons Detector is excellent:
#3 Crashdamage, Aug 11, 2014
Even on your home screen, that weird, what launcher are you using?
#4 phan9998, Aug 11, 2014
using apps to stop other apps will only kill your battery and give many headaches.. in most cases it truley is an app causing pop up adds like that, whether it be browsers, launchers or low budget free games.. even if your not currently using the specific app it can still be active in the background proccesses so this allows the adds to still pop up freely as they please..

if we come to a conclusion on this and discover it is an app, and if you still want to keep said app, the best suggestion i have is to make sure you are completely closed out from the app (use back button to exit NOT home button) and maybe even clear your recent apps frequently ;)

hope this helps!!
#5 LDrifta, Aug 11, 2014
My phone does literally the exact same thing
#6 B12, Feb 21, 2016
Well, that started happenig to me a about a week ago, But...I've fixed it now(thanks to Crashdamage).Here is how to stop this malicious app. You need this.
After downloading, click on the install date.
There will be an app with no name, no pic(and has an install date of the time it started showing random ads)
.when you find it, uninstall it.
Find the uninstall button grayed out?
If so, go to settings-security-device adminstrator
You will find something with no name too.deactivate it.then you will be able to uninstall the app!
#7 normal person, Aug 30, 2016