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General Re-Activation of Profile

Hi All,

I have been using tasker for years and it works great. Very happy with it. However I have one issue.

I have a profile called 'Work'. It detects the office WiFi and also the time then goes into silent mode. This bit works well.

I have another profile that allows certain people in my 'Priority Callers' group to call or text and the silent is ignored, they come through loud like they should.

The issue though, once that 'Priority Callers' group triggers something, the phone stays on loud and does not go back to the 'Work' silent mode.

Is there a way to re-trigger this?

Thanks in advance


#1 Stephenjs79, Apr 10, 2018
A Profile has one or two Tasks. One task is launched when you enter The other task (if present is launched when you exit.

It sounds like you need to add an Exit Task to reset to the condition that existed when you entered the Entry Task.

... Thom
#2 Thom, Apr 10, 2018
good app i like it
#3 gameclub786, Apr 11, 2018
Thank you
#4 jamesallenhall865, Apr 14, 2018 at 9:23 AM