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Re-installing OS on Samsung S4

The OS recently was corrupted on my AT&T Samsung S4. The solution is to reinstall the OS which is what I had a cell phone repair shop do a couple of years ago to a Samsung S4 Active. I've been phoning repair shops and most of them don't know how to reinstall the OS and they tell me that they will be google the solution after I leave my phone there.

I've never installed a a mobile OS before but from my research the tool to use on Samsung phones is the Odin3 software. I've been trying to find a suitable Android 4.x (ideally 4.4.4) OS to install on my phone but each 1.x GB download I've tried has failed. Where can I find the binaries to restore the phone? Could I install an OS from the Android Open Source Project (

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


#1 UltraJ, Sep 8, 2017
If you found the AOSP rom for your phone, then you could do it, but it would involve rooting and you'd be responsible for future updates. I think what you're looking for is to reflash the stock firmware.

You can get it to flash with Odin if you can find it here:

But you'll need to know your EXACT model number. Sometimes using Samsung's tools are easier.

You can use Smart Switch and that should detect your phone and using the emergency software recovery, it will reinstall the OS for you. You will need your model number and serial no. for that.
#2 lunatic59, Sep 8, 2017
So this question pertains to a Samsung S4 Active not a Galaxy correct? This is where you want to be:
#3 su_me, Sep 13, 2017
hmmm, I see no reasons to do it :D
#4 harrygregor, Sep 13, 2017