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Receiving files By bluetooth

I am trying to sent some photos to my HTC Desire and initially I could not get the phone to respond, despite pairing being successful. The message appears 'Paired but not connected'. I went on to install Bluetooth File Transfer. This still does not allow me to receive photos. The sending device appears to show that the receiving phone is not accepting the transfer. All Bluetooth File Transfer allows me to do is to see the photos on my other phone, but I do not seem to be able to do anything with them. Can anyone suggest a way forward?


#1 Hoorgi, Jan 24, 2011
What are you trying to send the photos's from? Mine only shows as connected when it is actually receiving data. When I send a file or photo from my pc I get a notification in the top bar "Bluetooth share: Incoming File, please confirm you want to recive this file". I then have to touch this to accept the file.
#2 wavemeister, Jan 24, 2011
silly question time...
You have made your device 'discoverable?'
Although your BT is on, your phone is still hidden. Go to Menu>Settings>Wireless and Networks>Bluetooth Settings and tick the discoverable box,
#3 BarnumC, Jan 24, 2011
Thanks to both of you. i am sure I am switching on 'Discoverable'. Having tried once again sending photos from my computer by BT, I see that 'Bluetooth authorisation request' appears for about 2 seconds in my the top bar of my phone, then disappears. How do I accept it? My computer eventually displays the message 'File transfer failed: the connection failed'
#4 Hoorgi, Jan 26, 2011
Yes the notification only appears for a couple of seconds in the top bar. To accept it drag your finger down from the top bar and it will open up the notification area and you will then seen the accept box
#5 wavemeister, Jan 26, 2011