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Receiving your ETF reimbursement!

If/when you get the ETF reimbursement from T-Mobile, please let us know. I just switched on Wed, so it will be a while before mine comes in. Did you have any problems using the prepaid master card. etc. etc



#1 timelord65, Jan 31, 2014
I will be porting my number from Verizon to T-Mobile on Sunday so I would really like to know the timetable for this as well.
#2 la sal, Feb 1, 2014
I think the official time table is 6-8 weeks. I haven't seen anyone post (here or elsewhere on the internet) about receiving their reimbursement yet, but I imagine we'll start to see those posts within a couple of weeks.
#3 codesplice, Feb 1, 2014
Some details about the timetable and payment of T-Mobiles ETF offer:

#4 kate, Feb 1, 2014
Called yesterday and was told about 30 days. We'll see. going to store today and start process. Will keep informed as well as looking back here to see what everyone else wait time is and probs on cards.
#5 alsoran, Feb 2, 2014
30 days would be way too early. Remember u have to be a customer in good standing when they send you the prepaid master card. Otherwise many would just come in, sign up for the ETF reimbursement, then walk away a few days later and go elsewhere. This way they still get some money out of you if you do leave shortly afterwards. Just my opinion of course and I could be wrong.
#6 timelord65, Feb 2, 2014
Sorry guys, I started this thread after I switched. Unfortunately I was quickly disappointed with the network. One too many "no network found" in areas of my town. Also Verizon called me on a winback, and agreed to waive my ETF and join their edge program despite being only 7 months into a new contract.

So I'm back with Verizon. Also Verizonnow has several new single line plans with lower costs. Including a $45 plan. So T-mobile has certainly shaken the industry, and we should all thank them for that. Now if they could only improve their coverage.
#7 timelord65, Feb 5, 2014
I submitted my ETF reimbursement request today with T-Mobile. The ETF from Verizon is $190.
#8 la sal, Feb 7, 2014
Depends on how far you are into your contract, it's prorated. Mine was $140.00.
#9 LuvMusic, Feb 7, 2014
Yeah, I had about nine months left with Verizon.
#10 la sal, Feb 7, 2014
I submitted my ETF bill online @ switch2tmobile.com Jan 18 and and two weeks later i got an email and text stating that they received it and would be up for review shortly. Just last week i got another email and text stating once again that my ETF submission would be reviewed. Just today i got an email stating that my submission was declined because the bill that was submitted didn't have a valid ETF charge on it. Really??? I reviewed everything i sent them and it was all there. I smell something fishy!
Well i submitted it online again and i'm going to mail one in as well.
#11 luvmynad, Feb 10, 2014
I got the second "review" e-mail today....about 10 days since I submitted on-line. Before I scanned my final bill from VZW, I underlined the phone number that I ported and the line entry on the bill which identified the "Early Termination Fee." For now, just waiting.
#12 LuvMusic, Feb 11, 2014

Keep getting this message: "Unfortunately, the information you've entered doesn't match our records. Please make sure you've entered it correctly, or call 1-800-937-8997 for assistance."

The assistance line said that it could take up to 14 days to get a tracking number for checking status.
#13 la sal, Feb 11, 2014
Had this same issue two days ago. I called customer support and found out that the bill had to be less than 10 pages. Apparently, one of my number's ETF charge shows on page 11. Quite a hassle and the rep didn't act too helpful and said the request would need to be resubmitted. She said that she would send mine for review by an "off-line" team. I guess I will see if this happens.
I did resubmit though with only 5 pages of the bill uploaded. Two of the pages included the ETF line charges. Hope this helps. I am pretty frustrated as well.
#14 okie_k, Feb 12, 2014
My bill with my Verizon ETF was submitted online on 2/1. Still just shows status as received. Keep you updated...
#15 jamjr74, Feb 17, 2014
Just got an email earlier today that they received my ETF submission and is being reviewed. Now I got an email stating that my ETF submission has been approved and should receive my final payment via MasterCard in the mail within the next two weeks.
#16 luvmynad, Feb 21, 2014
Really? They've had mine for 3 weeks and still just says received!
#17 jamjr74, Feb 21, 2014
Mine has been received for exactly 3 weeks today. :mad:
#18 la sal, Feb 21, 2014
Ok not just me then! Thanks
#19 jamjr74, Feb 21, 2014
I received a text a couple of hours ago informing me that my EFT reimbursement has been approved and I should expect it in two to three weeks before
#20 LuvMusic, Feb 21, 2014
This is on my second try. The first time they had it for three weeks before they denied my submission.
#21 luvmynad, Feb 21, 2014
Did they give a reason for the denial?
#22 kate, Feb 22, 2014
They said that the submission did not have a valid etf numbers or lines in it.
#23 luvmynad, Feb 22, 2014
Good to hear someone is having luck. Mine was denied for the same reason even though my bill does have my ETF charges on them. I am still waiting for my second submission. They told me something about the pdf copy of the bill needing to not be over 10 pages in length although the rep was unable to direct me to a link that stated that requirement.
#24 okie_k, Feb 22, 2014
I'm not sure which submission they accepted because i resubmitted one online and also mailed one in after being denied the first time.
#25 luvmynad, Feb 22, 2014