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Root Recovering saved passwords from installed apps

I'm sorry for wall of text but paragraph breaks aren't working. Hello, first time poster! Hoping this is possible / someone can shed some insight. Long story short, I had a security issue 2 months back and changed my e-mail (account been in use for 11 years) password and immediately changed it in my Yahoo Mail app on my Droid X2. I went to bed and the next day I realized that I didn't remember my password anymore. I can't do the Yahoo reset and even contacted customer service about it, and they were no help. I figure that if my phone automatically goes to the yahoo inbox when I click on the app, that means the password must be saved somewhere on the system. I tried to get access by rooting. From this thread: "One-Click Root for DX2 2.3.3" I did all those steps and the PC told me the phone was rooted. I launch Root Manager application and I get informed that my phone isn't rooted so I don't have access to everything. I don't want to change or delete anything, i'm trying to recover my password so I don't lose an account/contacts/e-mails i've has for 11 years now. I would go more into detail but I need to call my bank before it closes, and wanted to post this asap. If anyone can tell me if i'm missing a step / what I need to do / where I navigate to in my phone to find the password, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you! I'll check back !


#1 papermoonshine, Jun 13, 2012
Hm, good question. I could found a way to pull saved passwords from the Android browser, but not an email client. I'm gonna keep looking, though, cause it seems like something that could come in very handy one of these days.
#2 Scur, Jun 13, 2012
Wait. You sure you're on 2.3.3? When you go into your settings and look through About Phone, it says Android Version 2.3.3?
#3 Scur, Jun 13, 2012
Ah now that I look in my phone, it says Android version 2.3.5. I'm assuming then that this phone can't be correctly rooted? >< You're right there, knowing how to pull up passwords saved in the system would be really handy. This is my last ditch effort to not completely lose the e-mail account i've been using over a decade.
#4 papermoonshine, Jun 13, 2012
There's not straight way to root 2.3.5 yet, you have to root 2.3.4 then carry files over through an update with rootkeeper.

I can't believe there's no way that Yahoo can help you out. I'm assuming you can't remember your security questions either. Well, at the very least, you can save your mail app and data with an app manager like Titanium Backup and stow it away on your computer so you'll always have a way to access your account as long as you have an Android. I would find a way for Yahoo to help, though. There has to be something.
#5 Scur, Jun 14, 2012
Yahoo can't help me >< What happened was I got an alert that someone was trying to break into my iTunes again. The last time someone got in, they spent all my Yen (and it's a pain to restock). I hadn't refilled but didn't want to take the chance of someone messing with me so I changed that password and my Yahoo one that I had been using for 11 years.

As soon as I changed the password, I updated it in my DROID and went to bed. I got up the next day and after work, I tried to log on with the PC but I couldn't remember the password. I went to do password reset but I couldn't resend to alternate e-mail (the one I have registered is through my school over 10 years ago, so it doesn't exist anymore) and for the security questions, I only remember the first answer.

(Getting kind of personal with this but it helps to give all information) I suffered some head trauma 2 years ago and as a result, I sometimes have a bit of a memory problem. I can't for the life of me remember the second security question's answer. I went to their help section and chose "Click here if you do not know your security answers/forgot them", I filled out the form and at the bottom....they asked me to answer those questions. Which is redundant!

I contacted them by phone but the techs only try to do the password reset that's on the website while you're on the phone with them. I contacted customer service by my gmail account and they said I needed to answer the security questions for any further assistance. I don't use Internet Explorer so past log ins for my yahoo aren't saved anywhere in the history. I do use Firefox but I have it set to auto launch in private browsing mode, so it doesn't remember any passwords either. I didn't log into my e-mail on the phone through that browser after I updated it for the app, so I know I can't get it though there.

I realize I painted myself into a hole and it's my own fault. Which is why trying to get in through my phone is my last resort. I thought about maybe logging out of the app and trying to log back in, but for all I know it doesn't save the previous information as *'s, and might want me to fill in the password again. Which would leave me completely locked out of my e-mail.

I managed to back up the address book from the app (they give you an option to export to phone contact list) so that's something. The only thing left in there really is some e-mail but that's 100's forwarded 1 by 1 which would take a long time. I mainly want to get in because nearly everything i've done online / registered websites for years goes though this e-mail. And I could spend a long time updated all that information. Plus, sometimes when you update info like that, they want you to confirm it though your existing e-mail address that's registered. Trying to do all that on the phone would get to be tiresome.

I realize that i'm probably going to be forced to abandon the address / emails in the end, but i'm trying to exhaust all options first :) I've also grown attached to it since it's been my primary address for 11 years. I don't know many who really do that anymore. Most people I know end up changing once a year and it's a major headache for them.
#6 papermoonshine, Jun 14, 2012
I've been poking through the yahoo files on my phone, and they must keep the password encrypted, can't find it anywhere.

Maybe you could talk to a geek at your old school and see if they can't open your email account again for a bit so you can get the email?
#7 Scur, Jun 14, 2012
So I hit up xda about it, and got this.
#8 Scur, Jun 15, 2012