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recovery button not working

I'm trying to root my phone and install twrp and root my phone. I've already unlocked the bootloader and I've been trying to follow the instructions from the site
I've downloaded several version of twrp for m8 (one of which from here
So after I run fastboot flash recovery twrp--3.0.0-0-m8.img, the recovery button doesn't work. I press it and fastboot resets instantly.
When I go back to HBOOT (switch from FASTBOOT), the phone does a very fast checkup and it seems to say that it hasn't found an image: "No image or wrong image".
If I reset the phone, it works fine. Any ideas where I should go from here?


#1 vinci, Sep 13, 2017
I'm not sure what I did, but I tried a different twrp image and it's worked eventually. I'm now trying to install a custom OS :)
#2 vinci, Sep 13, 2017
Yes, the original problem was a bad/broken recovery image, so flashing a different one was the right fix.
#3 Hadron, Sep 14, 2017