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Support Removing app - HP Print Service Plugin

I see that I have an app called 'HP Print Service Plugin' on my Nexus 5.

I don't have an HP printer and I have no intention of buying one. I want to remove the app, but it won't go! I have removed one or two other apps that I don't want - easy: just tap the X, but this one insists that I want to keep it!

Any ideas please?


#1 JBentleyR, Jan 6, 2014
It is probably pre-installed app. If you attempt to uninstall it it will uninstall last update to it (if there was one).

If you were root-ed you could uninstall it. Doing so might prevent you from installing the nest system update.

... Thom
#2 Thom, Jan 6, 2014
Thanks Thom. Yes it was pre-installed and I have managed to prevent any automatic updates. There's no way I'd want to get into rooting my phone!

I suppose it must be one of those things that vendors install on items they sell in order to get some financial contributions from other companies. At least Android, on my phone anyway, doesn't come with lots of adverts!
#3 JBentleyR, Jan 6, 2014
You should be able to disable it, which will have the same functional effect as uninstalling - except of course it's still there really but hidden from view and non-functional.

Just go into "Settings", tap "Apps" and move to the "ALL" tab, scroll down to the HP plugin and tap it. Now hit the "DISABLE" button :)

If you ever want to bring it back you'll find it on the "DISABLED" tab of the apps list in settings and on tapping it you'll fine an "ENABLE" button in place of the disable you used earlier.
#4 John Bean, Jan 6, 2014
Thanks JB. I did that. There was a warning that if I disabled built-in apps, some others might not behave properly, but I ignored that. If something does stop working properly, I suppose I can re-enable it.
Just a bit annoying that HP have the temerity to take up a bit of my storage and I have to accept it!
#5 JBentleyR, Jan 6, 2014
I doubt it was all one sided; Google made the choice to make printing available but there's little point without the "drivers" for particular printers. HP is probably just the first of many to be included in future versions and since I have a wireless HP anyway I found the addition quite useful :)

Incidentally, don't forget that whatever OS you use on other platforms is littered with hundreds - thousands even - of device drivers for devices you don't (and probably never will) own, all using up storage. The HP plugin is trivial by comparison.
#6 John Bean, Jan 7, 2014
You're right, of course, JB. I suppose it doesn't occupy very much space anyway.
#7 JBentleyR, Jan 7, 2014
It's actually surprisingly big by app standards - about 25MB - but it's in the system ROM so it has no real effect on your available memory.

PS: like your "mission statement". I'm in exile from the other side of the Pennines too, although I live so close to the border I spend as much time in West Yorkshire as I do in Lancashire :)
#8 John Bean, Jan 7, 2014
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#9 Slug, Jan 7, 2014
I think it is for cloud printing support for some HP models.
#10 jj14x, Jan 7, 2014
Surely you mean the West Riding? :)
#11 JBentleyR, Jan 7, 2014
Google added printer support in 4.4.

I guess HP are the first/only current partner. It may become more useful in the future depending on what printer hardware you have.
#12 MartinS, Jan 8, 2014
I disabled those..
#13 Skyroket, Jan 8, 2014