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Root Reset knox counter

How does one reset the knox counter so I can update as normal via Samsung update, I've only got cm recovery, rooted rest is stock but say I'm modified I'm guessing it's the recovery that's caused this? As only just got to rooting and it gave same modified before I did so (altho had tried towel root which does not work on the s5 but maybe did something)

Any ideas thanks?


#1 thequeenscheese, Oct 25, 2014
This is my status,
Binary custom
Status official
Reactivation lock off
Knox void 0x1 (4)
#2 thequeenscheese, Oct 25, 2014
Or by using odin and sammobile can I just update without over writing everything? - basically keeping my settings etc and just updating core files

What is the latest official firmware?
My device says there is an update, but I'm 4.4.2?
#3 thequeenscheese, Oct 25, 2014
You cannot reset the Knox counter once it has been tripped I am afraid, otherwise it would be pointless as a security feature. In fact, there has been a reward of over, currently, $3,000 for the last year for anyone who can successfully reset it. See, here.

You are right, both towelroot and CF-Root will not trip Knox or affect your ability to update usually. However, a custom recovery or a custom ROM will trip Knox and prevent updates via Kies and OTA, normally.

If you wish to update to a stock Samsung firmware, you can do so by downloading it from, say, SamMobile and flashing it via Odin. The Samsung stock firmware contains a stock kernel which will unroot you and you will need to re-root again.

For more information on Knox, see, Knox Security & locked bootloader on new firmwares
#4 ironass, Oct 25, 2014
Really don't get the fuss tbh about custom rooms and such I think the makers ie Samsung etc worry 2 much about their own version of droid for the small amount of peeps that bother and then bother to overcome etc it wouldn't cost them hardly anything in returns which is the only reason I can see they do it..
#5 thequeenscheese, Oct 25, 2014
The Knox warranty has nothing to do with the phone's warranty and serves only to show whether a phone's security is intact. The statement from Samsung in #1.11 of Knox Security & locked bootloader on new firmwares explains and confirms this. Everyone had better get used to Knox Security as Google, not just Samsung, have now adopted it for all firmwares from Android 5 onwards.
#6 ironass, Oct 26, 2014