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Support [Resolved] Sound and video not synced on youtube app

I noticed that the video and sound aren't synced on my youtube app. Can anyone help me or can I even do anything about it


#1 romanm2012, Aug 25, 2013

are you listening to this through wireless headphones?

does this occur on ANY video you play on youtube?

are you rooted?

what carrier?

how long have you had this phone? has this always happened?

what about local videos stored on the device--are they out of sync?
#2 marctronixx, Aug 25, 2013

Nope, speakers and headphones.

I'm pretty sure it's every video, I just notice it when it's a person speaking on the video.

Not rooted.

Unlocked at&t on metro pcs (t-mobile's network)

Just got it a few days ago.

And well I recorded myself talking and it's fine that way
#3 romanm2012, Aug 25, 2013
Are you getting 4G or LTE with that service ? Also how is your other download speeds on the phone ? (
#4 clsA, Aug 25, 2013
are the headphones wired or wireless?

and virtually any video you watch on youtube, you see this delay? even if you pick a random video?

if you are using wireless headphones and the video is HD (full HD or any high bit rate video) there will be _SOME_ delay in the audio (lips will proceed the audio a couple of frames) due to the decoding of the audio stream. wired headphones and the in built speakers you wont see much if that at all unless the video (the source) was encoded wrong to begin with.

if you care to post up a link to a video you are watching on your youtube app, others can test and see if they notice the same issue.

when I watch a blinkfeed video for example, and listen to the in built speakers, i see no lag at all. even the youtube app on the videos I look at with the inbuilt speakers there is no lag. i use LG tone bt wireless headphones and I _will_ notice lag due to the encoding/decoding of the stream plus adding in the wireless aspect--this is why i asked about the headphones.

care to mention the phones you use?

its possible what you are experiencing is normal. some people won't notice this lag as much as others will.

if you think your device is defective, return it if you are able to do so. no need to go through all of this if its still in the return/exchange window.
#5 marctronixx, Aug 25, 2013
Have you tried uninstalling the YouTube app then reinstalling it?

On a separate not, the new YouTube app is amazing! OMG Google out did themselves!
#6 Tlicious1020, Aug 25, 2013

At my house I get 4g but on the streets I get LTE. I usually get around 5 mbps down at my house and with LTE I get usually 15-20 mbps down

I notice it pretty good on this video

The audio is a bit more advanced than the video.

I bought it from craigslist but the guy seemed pretty cool and was from a nicer part of Dallas (not like that makes a difference) but I'm pretty sure he'd give me my refund.
I just don't know if it's worth (time and money) getting my money back, buying a new one, unlocking it and then connecting it again.

Yeah I uninstalled the update and installed it again.
#7 romanm2012, Aug 26, 2013
I just watched that clip on the one i have using only the in built speakers and the lips do not match up with the audio.

I just randomingly chose a video:

play that on your one with the inbuilt speakers. you should not see any lip delay with the audio.

again, i think what you are experiencing will happen from random videos. does not matter who or what entity uploaded them. It is no fault of the app or the device, as witnessed by the clip I just linked above.

i did not know you purchased it second hand. was it rooted? Curious, why did the guy sell it?
#8 marctronixx, Aug 26, 2013

It seems fine in mine too.
But that Ashton kutcher video did seem a bit off. It's not rooted. Asking the guy the reason for selling it is the one thing I REGRET not asking, but if I had to guess, he was an iPhone guy, his little boy had an iPhone. I could call/text him and ask him why, but don't know if that might be a bit awkward. He told me it was perfectly fine when I was asking him questions.
Maybe it's just me being paranoid
#9 romanm2012, Aug 26, 2013
no worries. I was not trying to suggest the phone was not in working order, was just curious. ;)

in my opinion (we all have one) I think the phone is just fine. if you watch more clips (just pick some random ones) you will see that the phone is just fine and all is well. some clips are encoded better than others...
#10 marctronixx, Aug 26, 2013

Yeah, it's all good lol
I've been checking out more videos and they seem fine.
Maybe it was just me overthinking
#11 romanm2012, Aug 26, 2013
Just FYI 4G = LTE. 4G = WIMAX. 4G is not separate from LTE or WIMAX. There was a debate on whether AT&T can call their 4G, true 4G. Since there is no standard, they can.
#12 Tlicious1020, Aug 27, 2013
I don't exactly agree with this.
I Had and iPhone 4s that was HSPA+ sometimes called 4G and the speed test maxed out at 10-12Mbps. AT&T Recently activated 4G LTE and my HTC One is at times 4x faster than the iPhone was (Top speeds of 40 - 41Mbps).
I have run dozens of speedtest on both devices and can tell you for sure that 4G does not equal LTE. My phone goes from 3G to 4G to LTE nearly everyday and the 3 are totally different.
So with AT&T
4G =
and 4GLTE is in it's own league

Sprint's WiMAX 4G was so slow it was beat by T-Mobile's 3G network
#13 clsA, Aug 27, 2013
You do realize widgets say 4G and not LTE right? It doesn't say LTE because thats the name of the equipment on cell phone towers that provide us with the 4G singal. Just like 3G = mobile network data. And when you activate 4G (LTE) on your phone there is a little icon at the top of the screen that says "4G." In this community we refer to LTE and 4G as one in the same.

Since there is no established standard for 4G thats why HSPA can be called 4G. I think this went to the FCC or courts regarding this matter years ago. Nobody wanted AT&T to be able to say they are implementing 4G when its actually HPSA. But they were overuled since there isn't an established standard for 4G.

Ever since the EVO 4G came out those of us who had the phone knows that 4G equates to WiMax. WiMax is the name of the equipment utilized on cell phone towers so people can pick up 4G. LTE is the name of the equipment Verizon is using and Sprint is rolling out so people can pick up the 4G. If I deselect LTE on my HTC One under settings you want to know what happens? I won't be able to access the Sprint 4G signal with my phone.

You don't have to agree by the way. Its fact, not fiction my friend.
#14 Tlicious1020, Aug 28, 2013
Points are made gentlemen and the OP has resolved their issue... :)
#15 marctronixx, Aug 28, 2013