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You talk about this they remove that from source now is fix

VPN woes

With Android 4.4.2, there were mass complaints of broken VPN routing in AOSP core. We merged in patches to resolve this for CM 11 M7, however, with the introduction of Android 4.4.3, these patches started doing more harm than good. We have reverted the change in question, so if you were impacted by broken VPN in our 4.4.3 nightlies, this should now be resolve


#101 dadcup, Jun 22, 2014
yo will you update to cm11 m8 when it comes out this week
#102 joelv6, Jul 7, 2014
I don't know when it coming out
#103 dadcup, Jul 12, 2014
It was released 2 days ago
#104 KageBeast, Jul 13, 2014
Anyone using WiFi calling on CM? I was wondering if that would be a function of the stock phone app, and I figured CM would replace that with it's own phone app, thus losing the feature.

Currently I am having issue with REG90 "Unable to Connect" error, however googling tells me I need to set something up with T-Mobile to give them the location data for 911, or turn it on or something so WiFi calling will work.

Assuming I can overcome that hurdle, I am very interested in this feature, as cellular signal is awful for me inside my shop office due to metal building.
#105 TRS-80, Jul 14, 2014
Enjoying the rom over the stock one, I have a few issues though. My gps doesn't seem to work at all, my battery life still sucks, and some bold text using the default holo font is odd looking.

I took a suggestion to use ************* to stop Google play services from waking the phone. I tend to get about 6-12 hours of life depending on screen brightness and use. Maybe it's average, I just recently got this phone.
#106 t3hSurge, Jul 14, 2014
My experience is that the GPS on this phone has issues on all ROMs, including the stock Samsung ROM. I have found two solutions for this issue.

Option 1 is to install "GPS Status Test & Fix" by Mark Pflunger from the Play Store. This app improved my GPS performance greatly.

Option 2 is to switch the CM11 runtime from Dalvik to ART. (To do this you must enable Developer Options in Settings). After switching to ART, I have seen great improvements in GPS performance as well. (Be aware that ART is regarded as experimental, so proceed with caution, although I have not seen any issues.)

Regarding battery life, one issue I have noticed with the current build of this ROM is that it does not go into deep sleep. (look at Settings -> Battery and tap on the battery performance graph. After doing so, I see that the phone is constantly "Awake". My understanding is this is a bug in this release of CM11 and is addressed in the M8 release. I have my fingers crossed that dadcup will be able to release M8 for us. :)
#107 atscntsc, Jul 14, 2014
Don't know if this work but you can check if you go in dial and press the three dots in right size a menu will show setting then go in to setting and go in to the bottom of that page and you will find that
#108 dadcup, Jul 14, 2014
So, I'm completely ******** with this root stuff, is there any chance that this ROM will ever be on the automatic updater? Or at least maybe a tutorial video or something. Thanks guys!

Edit: figured it out, now just trouble with download speed it seems
#109 brasilian132, Jul 16, 2014
I tried switching to art before the GPS app fix, and it looked like the device was stuck booting. After doing a factory reset and using the aforementioned fix app it's working great! Someone asked if 310260 at the lock and notification screen is able to be changed, and I'd like to know too.

In regards to the battery life, anyone have any experience with higher capacity third party batteries?

Edit: use privacy blocker to keep Google play from waking/preventing sleep helped me some I think.
#110 t3hSurge, Jul 16, 2014
Hey guys! I just got it installed and its beautiful and works great but it seems like my download speed is incredibly low. At first I attributed it to the downloads I was making on my computer, but even after I turned them off I am still downloading at incredibly low rates with Wifi. Anyone know a fix or is this a local issue only?
#111 brasilian132, Jul 16, 2014
Over WiFi, my OOKLA Speedtest App is reporting my download speed as 26.05 Mbps and upload speed as 7.34 Mbps. These speeds are consistent with the performance of my wired internet connection on my PC.

You might try rebooting your router/access point if possible to see if your performance improves.
#112 atscntsc, Jul 17, 2014
How do you disable BLN? The blinking lights are stealing precious battery life and I find it unnecessary. Also thank you dadcup for the amazing rom, it's an amazing upgrade to a more than decent $100 smartphone!
#113 t3hSurge, Jul 17, 2014
try greenify. it puts apps to sleep. you can check out other apps from my thread

whats your speed?

well all i can share is that everytime i connect my my phone to wifi. i get calls sometimes and it connect to my voicemail. so hopefully that answer something
#114 joelv6, Jul 17, 2014
whats BLN?( i think i know what it is but it isnt clicking in my brain)
#115 joelv6, Jul 17, 2014
Back Light Notification. Its purpose is to provide a visual alert of missed calls, system notifications, and messages, by flashing the touchkey back lights.

Since this phone does not have a notification led, the developer has chosen to add this "feature" to the ROM.
#116 atscntsc, Jul 18, 2014
Yeah it seems to blink until I wake the phone, which I'm not a fan of.
#117 t3hSurge, Jul 18, 2014
thanks for reminding me. yup i felt dumb.i actual like that feature. the reason i ike it because my previes phone was galaxy s3 until it died out of nowere and this help me check my notications. i do want to say that it doesnt kill my battery at . so ill look into because i remember seeing a setting that disables it.
#118 joelv6, Jul 18, 2014
Well I thought McD's wifi wasn't working properly yesterday but I'm at my parents and their wifi does the same thing, doesn't work.

Says Obtaining IP address..., Saved Secured with WPA2 and loops. McD's open wifi did something similar. Also occasionally says Avoided poor internet connection (no problems with other devices on the same networks).
#119 t3hSurge, Jul 19, 2014
no luck guys but i have an idea. we can use the app call terminal emulator and i dont know what command to put to turn off the BLN. ill do some more research.
#120 joelv6, Jul 19, 2014
Fortunately, I have not seen similar problems running this CM11 ROM (poor battery life, wifi issues), but if you are desperate, I suggest you re-install the ROM.

I STRONGLY suggest prior to installation you perform the following steps to make sure traces of previous installations are properly removed. (Without doing so, problems similar to those you have reported may occur.)

1) Boot the phone into recovery. The developer (dadcup) strongly recommends you use his build of Philz Touch Recovery. (See first post in thread)
From Philz Touch, perform the following steps
2) Wipe Data/Factory Reset
3) Wipe Cache Partion
4) Mounts and Storage -> format /system
5) Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache
6) Proceed with fresh install of ROM (Install Zip)

Good luck!
#121 atscntsc, Jul 19, 2014
To simplify what atscntsc there's an option under wipe data/factory reset to clean to install a new rom. That wipes everything.
#122 KageBeast, Jul 19, 2014
You guys want to turn bln off use this
App it work
#123 dadcup, Jul 19, 2014
Thanks so much guys, its working incredibly. I've never had cyanogenmod before so this is like a whole new world haha. I can't believe a phone I got for free at metro pcs could be better than any other phone Ive had because of a mod lol. I still haven't really gotten netflix to work (when I tried the 4shared link it downloaded a weird program) but other than that this is ******* awesome. Thanks dadcup!
#124 brasilian132, Jul 21, 2014
Don't forget to hit thanks in op :rolleyes:
#125 dadcup, Jul 21, 2014