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Root [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 Motorola Moto E4 Plus Owens

***LineageOS 7.1.2***

Here is LineageOS for the Motorola Moto E4 Plus Owens. I'll keep this up to date once a week or so.

Security patch up to date with latest Android 7.1.2 (April 5, 2018).

ROM source:

Device sources:

Kernel source:

- @SeanStar (@ XDA)
- @squid2 (@ XDA)
- LineageOS

- Everything I think.
- LTE working on Boost/Sprint (should work for all carriers.)

Not Working:
- CMActions (not included at this time)
- You tell me.


ROM built with UBER GCC 5.4.1 kernel toolchain and UBER GCC 4.9.4 Rom toolchain:

GAPPS: Use arm 7.1

I'll post screenshots asap


Appreciate my work? By me a coffee or a pizza:


#1 amarc78, May 9, 2018 Last edited: May 30, 2018
#2 amarc78, May 9, 2018
Can you explain to us what's so "updated" about this one compared to the one that's been on xda for months now?
#3 Thunderdr, May 11, 2018
I fixed usb-otg, added the correct power profile from stock to the overlays since what was there was way off, and a couple other things I think I'm forgetting right now. The security patch is also up to date with the latest of April 5th 2018.
#4 amarc78, May 11, 2018
Can you explain :

ROM built with UBER GCC 5.4.1 kerneltoolchain and UBER GCC 4.9.4 Rom toolchain
#5 Thunderdr, May 11, 2018
Some ROMs build and function perfectly with one tool chain while another may give problems.. Sometimes the only reason a bug exists is due to the specific toolchain used
#6 bcrichster, May 11, 2018
Thank you, @amarc78! Are you aware of any efforts to build unofficial LineageOS 15.1 for Owens?
#7 Chad Magendanz, May 12, 2018
Thread cleaned up. Please report any further instances of troll-like behaviour. But I don't think any more should occur. Thanks.
#8 LV426, May 12, 2018
Np. Last I knew, seanstar on XDA was working on Lineage 15.1. I was a little, but right now I can't do anything. My wife kicked me out so I'm kinda broke and homeless right now. Unfortunately, I can't plug my PC into my car and my laptop screen is broken until I can replace it, so development from me is at a pause right now.
#9 amarc78, May 12, 2018
Strange how we just assume that anyone with the technical skills to build custom ROMs is working for some Silicon Valley company and contributing to the open source community in their copious spare time. That you could be broke and homeless I would never have thought possible. A PayPal donation is headed your way, as well as all the positive karma I can muster.

I'm relatively new to LineageOS builds, and I've got a couple of other devices in the queue before Owens, but I'll see what I can do if SeanStar doesn't get there first.

The XT1776 (Sprint/Boost Mobile) is pretty clearly the best bang for the buck right now when carrier unlocked with a custom ROM like LineageOS. It's a lot of phone for $79.99USD.
#10 Chad Magendanz, May 12, 2018 Last edited: May 12, 2018
I've never even been to Cali. I'm a redneck heavy equipment operator from NY, with very little college education. I had to stop working recently due to degenerative disc disease in my lower back. I have a couple vertebrae with no disc between anymore, so they are bone-on-bone and I'm in a lot of pain and can't move so we'll anymore. I'm really hoping doctors can do something to get me back to work soon. Anyway, thank you very much for the first donation anyone has ever given me in 4 years of doing this. I did not expect that at all. As soon as I have enough, I'll get the screen from Amazon and get that up and running. Luckily, I'm a self taught PC repairman also.
#11 amarc78, May 12, 2018
@amarc78 Thanks for this, ROM is downloaded and a donation made to your account. Wishing you all the luck in the world.
#12 koop1955, May 12, 2018
Thank you!
Edit: just to assure you guys that your donations are going to go a laptop screen since you guys really don't know me,
It's worse now than when I took that pic.
Edit-2: don't know why the pic isn't showing so here's a link:
#13 amarc78, May 12, 2018 Last edited: May 12, 2018

Quick Question -

1 Im running LineageOS 14.1-20180219 on my motoe4 plus it has some bugs, I'd like to update it to 20180504 ; is there a root package for it? Where is it?

Thanks for all your efforts

#14 coacharnold, May 21, 2018
You want the 14.1 arm zip. I would recommend using Magisk though.
Edit: I would wipe data and do a clean install also.
#15 amarc78, May 21, 2018
Back in business. Thanks guys!
#16 amarc78, May 21, 2018
You should OP that link
#17 bcrichster, May 21, 2018
Thank You

#18 coacharnold, May 21, 2018
Install went great... running VERY smooth. Seams to be a big improvement over February's build. Thanks for all the hard work on this.
#19 coacharnold, May 21, 2018
Hello - I'm having trouble getting the WIFI-Hotspot working on this build. I can't seem to get it un-greyed out. Is it disabled on the may build?


#20 coacharnold, Jun 11, 2018
I'm on the May 9 build
#21 coacharnold, Jun 11, 2018
I didn't think it was disabled, it was working for me when I had it installed and it works on AEX. Try adding this to the end your build.prop and rebooting:


What carrier do you have?
#22 amarc78, Jun 11, 2018
SO I have at&t it was working on the Feb build.
in my buildprop
I did have the first line


The second line, i followed a guide that said to input it with a root cmd prompt. I did that and it did nothing.

Now when I try to input it using build prop editor on my phone, it wont let me save.


Thanks for the response
#23 coacharnold, Jun 11, 2018
ok ... so searching with the build prop editor ... all those things are there, which I assume is why it wont save
#24 coacharnold, Jun 11, 2018
I take that back, I seem to be missing


and it will not let me insert it into build prop using buildprop editor
#25 coacharnold, Jun 11, 2018