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ROMs [ROM V4.2.2 JB CM11 For the LG Motion MS770

Welcome guys I'm kinda new here and I built a cm11 for the lg motion ms770 as you all know what cyanogenmod is, so I'm going to cut to the chase

This ROM is based off of the LG MOTION V3.0.8 KERNEL and is intend only for the motion

But wait here's the next gen installation protocol witch mean this cm11 version doesn't require gapps to be installed because i implemented the scripts to install gapps already configured to install in the is witch was in testing fully functional

But you require VerC_modem zip for WiFi and cellular connections

Here's what partially not working
* video in 1080p is purple

Heres what's working
* everything is working

Change log:

* added cm updater in about phone you now check for updates

* added an option in build.prop that allows you to enable on screen soft keys will be located on the last bottom option requires build.prop editor to change it note that 1 is to enable and 0 is to disable

* reoptimized the build.prop to force GPU rendering and video accelerating

*changed how the proccessr handles proccesing by not being run dynamically but only runned by the GPU for faster processing

* Latest Google Play Store is now a system app so as YouTube and gmail

*CM file manager was removed because it was the stupidest app to have

* latest version of busybox is installed as apart of the is and much fixes

Download ROM: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwqrLkcMo7PgTEN2VVBvQm9HckU/edit?usp=docslist_api

If you need help installing here's how

Step 1: install a custom recovery compatible with the lg motion

Step 2 reboot the phone into recovery

Step 3 go to advanced and click wipe dalvik cache

Step 4 then go to mounts and storage and click format /data

Step 5 then go back to the recoveries main menu and press the HOME button to switch from interal or external and install the zip and verC_modem.zip

Once installation is complete wipe and factory reset phone this optional but it does keep your fresh install clean before first time use


Special Thanks to:
PlayFulGod for his CM Updater
Bobzhome for his logo and other fixes keep on rockin


#1 Cyberdev, Sep 12, 2014
KitKat on the motion? May have to borrow one to test
#2 DirtyDee, Sep 12, 2014
Kit kat will come later this week v4.4.4 this is jelly bean cm11 but kitkat I'm might work on toda
#3 Cyberdev, Sep 12, 2014
I am currently testing this on my son's LG Motion 4G and it is working like a charm. No visible bugs thus far. Thank you very much, Cyberdev!
#4 sendivogius, Oct 20, 2014
Thanks man means alot spent most my time fixing bugs contantly
#5 Cyberdev, Oct 28, 2014
It's been 8 days of usage and no complaints from the end user, aka my son. Looking forward to your implementation of KitKat on it, since Jelly Bean turned out so well. Thanks again for your support.
#6 sendivogius, Oct 28, 2014
Hopefully op is still following this thread.

I'm having a serious WiFi issue. My connection drops n doesn't reconnect unlessi manually turn wifi off and back on.

This is an lg motion bBTW with verc modem flashed when the ROM was flashed . phone was factory reset as recommended as well. I happen to have 4 motions. 2 with cm11 and 2 on stock but rooted as well.

The other 2 never drop Wi-Fi but the 2 with cm11 do constantly.

I only discovered this because I was using my old phones as a home surveillance system and I kept losing connection .
#7 nowucme, Nov 14, 2014
At most It lasts 10 minutes but then it drops again.

The issue is so severe that I'll have to go back to stock ROM because these phones aren't really usable with this issue. I've tried everything I could think of. Please help
#8 nowucme, Nov 14, 2014
Have you unstalled the latest version install that version their has been updates prior to this version you installed ill look into it but ill be releasing a new update soon
#9 Cyberdev, Nov 14, 2014
Ihave the update after this one. Thats the thread with no replies correct? I have it.

Wifi hasnt been too cooperative. However since i just gave myself a reason to reflash the ROM and ver c modem I'll see if that helped (accidently changed lcd
Density and couldnt get past the lockscreen so i rebooted into recovery and reflashed.

So ill see if that helps. Hopefully so.

Is the update still leaving us on jellybean or is this gonna be the kit kat im hearing about no big deal either way just curious. Will it be an ota style update or will we have to download and flash it?
#10 nowucme, Nov 14, 2014
@nowucme: The thread with no replies is not the latest version of this ROM. There is a newer one, http://androidforums.com/rom-development/875653-critical-update-v4-2-2-lg-motion-4g-ms770.html

Try that one and see if that fixes your wifi issues.

As far as I can see, this is still JB and it still requires a manual update, no OTA updates yet.

@Cyberdev: Wouldn't it be better to continue the updates on a single thread rather than the three that are already in existence?
#11 sendivogius, Nov 14, 2014
Well its hard because the moderators dont allow me to change the thread name to let users know an update is available kinda sucks but im releasing a site soon that will have all my builds so it wont over post anything on android forums and i aplogize to the forums that i overposted, also yes its still in jb but im still working the kinks out to get it prepared for kit kat merging did that to a tom once amazinly fast as hell plus gives helps me learn to solve issues too
#12 Cyberdev, Nov 14, 2014
is the kit kat rom ready because i would love to see 4.4.4 on the lg motion
#13 technology paradise, Aug 24, 2015
can u please send me a download link for verc_modem.zip
#14 JUSTE Wesley, Oct 12, 2017
I think i hwve it on.my 4shared account
#15 Cyberdev, Oct 13, 2017