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Root ROOT for LG G-PAD 7.0

Just received the LG G-PAD 7.0 LTE today.If you're familiar w/the G series of devices from LG,that's pretty much what you're getting,less a phone dialer.
Anyhoo,not much in the world of development for this device,not even a dedicated forum @ XDA.
However,a GOOGLE Search for Root for this device did turn up a post from a member @ XDA who used the PURPLE DRAKE (LITE) method which is/was used successfully on the LG G3.
Soooooo,long story short,it works.
If you want to root your LG G-PAD 7.0,go to YOU TUBE,search LG G3 Root with PURPLE DRAKE & select The UNLOCKR's how-to video.
All necessary links are provided & if you've already used LG's PC SUITE w/this device,then one step has been taken care of already (driver installation).
As far as a custom recovery,I suppose any available for the LG G3 may work,but,proceed at your own risk & w/o any ROMS available (AFAIK),no real need for such.
I'm good w/root only ATM,gonna check the XPOSED framework/modules for compatibility.

As there's not much activity in this forum,I thought it'd be best to post here,instead of the All Things Root section.
If interest/post count dictates,I'll request the discussion(s) be moved to the All Things Root section.


#1 KOLIO, Feb 17, 2015
Thanks for the note. I rooted with powertool app, no problem.
If you know a custom that works let me know
#2 Rianta, Feb 28, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Feb 28, 2015
The threads for this tablet are hiding in the G Pad 10.1 forum. There is twrp for the v400 and v410
and a stock rom, a debloated stock rom, and a cm12 thread but cm is still alpha.
#3 hakr4life, Mar 31, 2015
A big lie, nothing about root lg v400 only update lollipop. This is my first and last lg
#4 Rianta, Apr 17, 2015
I'm not quite understanding who your displeasure is aimed at.
1) This is not the most popular of devices,ergo,that translates to a proportionate amount of attention/support that it gets from the aftermarket community,or,the Android community in general.

2) The tablet is rootable,so,you can do quite a bit of fine-tuning on your own via apps & presumably XPOSED modules.
#5 KOLIO, Apr 17, 2015
This lg g7-v400 was rootable with KitKat but there isn't a rootable with lollipop
I upgrade my really wonderful tablet to lollipop but which app can you root it
#6 Rianta, Apr 17, 2015
If I'm understanding you correctly,you lost root when you upgraded to Android Lollipop 5.0
That happens w/a lot of devices,nothing unique here,especially when the upgrade is a substantial one such as the one from KIT-KAT to Lollipop.

Perhaps you could look around & find a way to downgrade back to KIT-KAT,re-root & wait for root for Lollipop.
#7 KOLIO, Apr 17, 2015
I know how downgrade and root again but I want a rooted lollipop and if not I have still my lollipop rooted HTC m7. This lg is good but not well-known as Samsung.Before I buy a tablet I will look if I can easy root it.
To the trash with the whole LG factory, not root friendly
#8 Rianta, Apr 17, 2015
Tanks for all the help Guus and girls,
One ofof American friends gave me the right link for lollipop LG g7v400
I will pay some beers for him
g7v400n somebody tell me how to root lollipopgo.G7.V400
#9 Rianta, Apr 24, 2015
I have what identifies itself as LGUK410, a G Pad 7". I've run PurpleDrake on Windows and OS X and both times it has failed to enter recovery correctly, it appears, and just reboots. PurpleDrake exits with this error:

ERROR: Your phone is not running a compatible software version. No vulnerable mode detected, rebooting phone. We tried to temproot you, and it didn't work. This phone isn't vulnerable, it would appear. Please post on XDA with your phone model, carrier, and SW version in the PurpleDrake thread and someone will take a look. Your phone has been rebooted back to normal system mode, no changes have been made. Thanks for trying!

This is the LTE model from US Cellular, running Android 4.4.2. Everything I've seen claims PurpleDrake will work with this setup. Thoughts?
#10 tralce, Apr 24, 2015
Can someone tell me after I rooted lollipop on v400 thank u all for the help I am looking for tarp for lg v400 lollipop
Then I am happy again
#11 Rianta, Apr 25, 2015
Oops not tarp but twrp or cwm
#12 Rianta, Apr 25, 2015
this works here for lollipop! - http://softlayer-dal.dl.sourceforge.net/project/avicohh/Android/LG_One_Click_Root_by_avicohh.exe
#13 skyboxerxx, Jun 4, 2015
I have followed the video but purpledrake just keeps waiting for device? not sure what i did wrong followed it exactlly what it said to do.
#14 zombiedriod, Jun 14, 2015
Just a word of advice for folks looking for help. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.:)

*/thread cleaned.
#15 Unforgiven, Jun 15, 2015
I will give you all one good advice.
LG IS a good tablet, mine rooted without recovery what doesnt exist for lg android 5.1, it isnt f..ck very fiendly for root, buy a samsung, asus or sony tablt
#16 Rianta, Jul 12, 2015
hello Rianta how do you downgrade the g pad from 5.0.2 to kit kat please. send instructions to rnorrr18@gmail.com
#17 RNORRR, Oct 20, 2015
You just need to download the the KitKat kdz for the device (something like v40010c.kdz, but the letter could change depending on your country, also please note the the v400 is the G Pad 7 WoFi while the LTE ones is v410 and the 8' and 10' one have different codes, don't flash anything that is not strictly developed for your model) and than download the LG Flash Tool 2014 program for Windows!
#18 brainvision, Jan 6, 2016
I got it installed on my LGUK410 by following these instructions: https://www.reddit.com/r/LGgpad7/comments/3e1eqr/successfully_installed_cm121_on_lg_uk410/
#19 CaptSwayworn, May 31, 2016