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Root Huawei U8665

Please Post in the Introduction thread here:
or i cannot properly assist you.

Also i need to know the following in order to help you correctly, please:

1. phone name like "huawei U8665 Fusion, etc:
2. carrier you have now:
3. Android OS 2.3.4/2.3.6:

and to clarify Just rooting it won't allow you to use a T-Mobile Sim, you may also need to Unlock it and do a number of things before it can function on an alternate carrier, if it even can.
but i will do my best to assist you.
#2 NGD1, Oct 18, 2012
Okay this is what I know Mr. Expert. In phone info it states. Huawei U8665. Fusion is the nickname yes. Its network locked onto AT&T.
And it runs Gingerbread 2.3.6 OS.
An thats what I know so far.

By the way I didn't know that there was a introductions area on the forum. So sorry about, I'm just used to Techknow.T0xic.nl
#3 terrancep2, Oct 18, 2012
I'm aware lol, i attend the same school as you, and i am not an "expert" i just know a thing or two about the mobile devices we all use.

I will see what i can do about pulling up some information about your device, please by all means though browse the Forums designated to your Phone and enlighten yourself =].
#4 NGD1, Oct 18, 2012
Well thanks. I look forward to abusing the power of android phones.
#5 terrancep2, Oct 18, 2012
did you guys find anything on rooting the device?
#6 bunji, Nov 3, 2012
Has anyone had luck with rooting this phone?
#7 iamtimmah, Nov 10, 2012
i've tried everything under the sun with regard to rooting this phone that i can find on the internet, with no success. now my factory reset hangs with an AT&T logo after powering off and sometimes trying to go into fastboot mode will get me a pink screen of death. has this happened to anyone? has anyone successfully booted into the recovery mode (vol+ and power? i couldn't).

#8 provkitir, Nov 26, 2012
has anyone figured out how to root this phone?
#9 jtjetj13, Dec 18, 2012
NGD1, I would greatly appreciate if you could help me or post on here what you did to root that phone. I have it and am trying to root it now. I looked in the introduction page, but found nothing on it. I would greatly appreciate your assitance
#10 BaDeaner, Dec 29, 2012
I need to root and unlocked the att fusion 2 so it will run faster. this phone is great and amazing i just wish it was faster. also how to i post an introduction?
#11 wifey2b2413, Jan 2, 2013
Hey people, in case you haven't found it yet:

Fusion 2 - All Things Root - Android Forums
#12 BDNB, Mar 4, 2013

This is what I used to root my Fusion 2. Yes, It did work. Now the only issue I am running into is unlocking it. Any ideas? I would love to use this phone, and AT&T refuse to give an unlock code (Claims the Snooper tool marks it as "Inelegable" to unlock.) All help is appreciated.

#13 sora64, Apr 7, 2013
Do u have the unlock code for this huawei u8665 2.3.6 android
#14 garybirdmandenny, Jun 1, 2014
I realty need the unlock code for my android huawei u8665 2.3.6
#15 garybirdmandenny, Jun 1, 2014
My phone is at t huawei u8665 her 2.3.6 please help me with unlock code
#16 garybirdmandenny, Jun 1, 2014
Download Kingo Android Root on ur PC and it will help u root ur phone.. ..I hope it helps u like it did for me
#17 jujubee3371, Aug 29, 2014
Download kingo android root to your PC and it will help u root ur phone.....when u download it connect ur phone to PC via USB and put on ur USB debugging for ur rooting to work ...once u click on the app it will say root from there it's all up to u....good luck
#18 jujubee3371, Aug 29, 2014