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Anyone know how to root this thing need to get rid of all the boost preinstalled crap


#1 Richsoucie, Sep 22, 2016
try kigroot and backup apps.

titinam backup:http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/titani...e/titanium-backup-7-0-0-android-apk-download/

go here for more one click root apps
#2 munemsahariar, Sep 23, 2016
No dice on any of the ones that run from the phone gonna try pc later
#3 Richsoucie, Sep 23, 2016
Nope none of the pc apps wotked either
#4 Richsoucie, Sep 24, 2016
if i really post a pc app. then did you go here i post this in my first post
kingroot isnot only for andriod. my link is right for andriod. that is http://www.appsandroidapk.com/tools/kingroot/
if you do not like this app go to my first link and choose your app, there are 7 app one click root apps. these all for andriod.
#5 munemsahariar, Sep 25, 2016
I tried all of them pc and android none worked so i tried the old fashion method of fastbooting to twrp that didn't work either
#6 Richsoucie, Sep 26, 2016
tell me your device os and specs.
#7 munemsahariar, Sep 26, 2016
Here ya go
#8 Richsoucie, Sep 27, 2016
here is a list of elevation of privileges for the kernel we are using, I am currently trying to find a proof of concept or something similar to hopefully exploit these in such a way to gain root privileges on the device as well.
#9 toxinburn, Sep 29, 2016
Has anyone tried this method?? I just literally got mine in the mail today. The link below is from the 27th of September.


Looks like it unlocks the bootloader and enables you to root from there??? Idk what exploit or process youd even use from there. If it ends up being worth anything im sure someone with actual knowledge will chime in.

Hope this helps!!
#10 jyates242, Oct 4, 2016
Latest kingroot does cause kernel panic and reboots but still no dice also we have no access to fastboot on this thing i can get into sahara download mode which is a qualcomm download mode can possibly flash custom this method but im doubtful need to turn off dm verity to have any success we do have kernel source from lge but havent built and flashed nor can i try it unless someone digs up a kdz or tot that i can restore from...so until we get the firmware i cannot push forward on anything their are some exploits out that maybe could work but i fear a soft brick without kdz
#11 toxinburn, Oct 15, 2016 Last edited: Oct 15, 2016
wish there was anything i could do to help out but my knowledge is zero in this relm.

but since i got one of these recently, i'd love to root it and start debloating. that new android has so manu junk apps i don't want. all that social media stuff can go. i am happy to see so many fewer google apps but they are replaced with the other junk.

boost adds a ton themselves. think i disabled 20 apps when i first booted it up.
#12 Volt Owner, Oct 22, 2016
I have this same phone. Please be aware that the Boost variant has a MediaTek chipset, not Qualcomm.
#13 PhoneTweaker, Dec 25, 2016
European variant K220 also have MediaTek chipset and it gets 33k in AnTuTu but I see that Boost variant have different MediaTek chipset so I don't know what's the diffrence in performance but I think it's better beacuse it is Helio P10 chipset.
#14 Kapyszon, Jan 4, 2017 Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
Im picking up the Cricket version soon due to the large battery - any updates on root for this phone? Ill even chip in for a bounty on getting it accomplished
#15 redspeed, Feb 6, 2017