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Support Root the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L

Here is how to root the Samsung Galaxy Core Prime SM-S820L without a pc.

I am not responsible for any damage that is cause to your phone or any software.

I have tested this app and have proven it works.

Download Link:




#1 AndroidHogs, Jun 20, 2015 Last edited: Jun 20, 2015
Unless my Google-Fu is broken, it seems that model no. SM-S820L is a TracFone model. Does anyone know if this will work on the Galaxy Core Prime that Virgin Mobile is currently selling through Wal-Mart?
#2 GKNByNW, Jun 28, 2015
Idk. Mine is a tracfone. It should work since their the same model phone.
#3 AndroidHogs, Jun 29, 2015
link is dead :-(

EDIT: got it figured out. I'll test out the process and post new link

EDIT 7/21/15
KingRoot does work.
Here is a list of all the phones it will work on.

After the Core was rooted, I used another app to remove KingRoot called SuperSU ME. There are some videos and links to the app (also in Play Store). It's been installed for about two weeks and still has root access.

I still don't see a CMR version for the Core yet.
#4 jerrspud, Jul 8, 2015 Last edited: Jul 21, 2015
look up Kingroot. when you open the app. it will say harm to your phone. just keep pressing continue anyways. it works if you delete any apps though you won't be able to do Samsung updates
#5 AndroidHogs, Jul 17, 2015
I'm stuck at the Odin mode can't seem to boot any further I went into recovery mode "system reboot now" and leads me back to Odin mode :(
#6 dogdayz, Aug 2, 2015
Pull your battery out for a minute or so and then turn on your phone then it should boot.
#7 flaminator95, Aug 31, 2015
Kingroot does not support sm820L 4.4.4 samsung core prime straight talk. Bought it August 20th. Either it auto updated quickly before I had a chance to try kingroot or the update was preinstalled. Kingroot says root strategy unavailable. 157 requests were made. Used kingroot 4.5 newest version. Btw, my settings say they're up to date. My kernel number is 3.10.28-660640 if that is a way to see what update I got.
#8 ivanios55, Aug 31, 2015 Last edited: Aug 31, 2015
I can confirm ivanios55 post. KingRoot does NOT work on the SM-S820L even though it is on the supported devices list. I have tried a couple different version of KingRoot, as well as every ROOT application I can possibly find and have been unable to successfully achieve ROOT on my SM-S820L. I may have to just suck it up and purchase a different phone. I originally purchased this phone because I was under the impression KingRoot was effective on it. Had I known this was going to be an issue, I would never have purchased this phone in the first place. I guess it was just a $130 lesson learned.
#9 AsgardBeast, Oct 24, 2015
I am Currently Rooted With KingRoot With StraightTalk and im Using The Galaxy Core Prime SM820L 4.4.4
#10 Root Service, Oct 26, 2015
#11 Root Service, Oct 26, 2015
When I use KingRoot App 4.5.2 it just displays "Root strategy unavailable". Older version of the app would at least attempt to root the device but eventually fail. When I use the Desktop version it attempts to root the device but eventually fails, sometimes it won't even recognize the device and tells me to enable Debuging which I already have.

Not sure what you did different but it doesn't seem to be working on my device.

Correction just tried KingRoot app 4.1 again and it is now saying "Root strategy unavailable" as well.
#12 AsgardBeast, Oct 26, 2015 Last edited: Oct 26, 2015
Well the new version 4.6.2 of KingRoot did the job. My SM-S820L is successfully rooted. Good things come to those who wait? :D
#13 AsgardBeast, Dec 14, 2015
Yea..also using straight talk samsung core prime am s820l and rooted with no problem with kingroot 4.6.2.
#14 Josh Young, Jan 6, 2016
After replacing kingroot with SU, do you lose root after a reboot as described in the xda thread?
#15 ThePeacedog, Mar 12, 2016
With king root from top its rooted go to cmd and you get #
just put a su app on ther eif you want :)
hit thanks
#16 concepttheman, Jun 14, 2016
#17 jerrspud, Jun 21, 2016
I have two S820L phones bought 10 months apart, both are 4.4.4. The older one worked with Kingroot, but the newer one says no strategy, so Samsung must have patched the hole Kingroot used. The new one has Android security patch 2016-07-01 and the old one has no patch.
#18 RMaynard, Nov 23, 2016 Last edited: Dec 5, 2016