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Root Rooting Motorola Droid Turbo 2

I have the new Turbo 2 I wasn't sure if the root was the same for it as the regular Turbo or how to do it thanks for any help



#1 CooN HunteR, Nov 8, 2015
It depends on the version of Android, and whether there are any known exploits.
#2 glc, Nov 8, 2015
It's the version 5.1.1 I'm not sure if there are or not I heard the turbos was very difficult to do anything with
#3 CooN HunteR, Nov 11, 2015
Any help is greatly appreciated
#4 CooN HunteR, Nov 11, 2015
Welcome to our AndroidForums!

How about we try the Moto Droid Turbo 2 root area for you? :).

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The folks in here should be able to advise you best on the latest / best rooting method.

#5 scary alien, Nov 11, 2015
Um where?
#6 jayman94fly, Nov 28, 2015
Apparently the international version of the MDT2 has been rooted. I'm waiting for the Verizon/US version to get root.
#7 beowulf7, Dec 1, 2015
When in the world do you see that happening, verizon has this device in a chastity belt... ughhh big red gets on my nerves
#8 jayman94fly, Dec 2, 2015
I think we might have to wait after the marshmallow release before we can achieve root unfortunately whenever that it...
#9 jayman94fly, Dec 2, 2015
Please please please please this can't come soon enough... Unlocked bootloader. Verizon screwed me over now I'm stuck with this phone, great phone just really want to put custom firmware onnit.
#10 jayman94fly, Dec 9, 2015
I feel your pain, jayman. Hell, I'd like to just restore my apps that my previous phone backed up via Titanium Backup. I had to manually reinstall apps and of course lost my settings. :( Not to mention ads are annoying the hell out of my that Adfree in the past blocked nicely.
#11 beowulf7, Dec 9, 2015
I guess we just gotta keep begging idk..
#12 jayman94fly, Dec 9, 2015
I found this website when searching how to root the droid turbo 2, I haven't been able to try it out yet but maybe one of you can. I would like to know it works before I get my Turbo 2 lol. hope it helps. **mod redacted**
#13 Matthew Crown, Dec 16, 2015 Last edited by a moderator: Dec 16, 2015
Hello there! :)
The blogsite you linked for rooting had some iffy links to unknown apps, redirected thru tracking ads, hence my removal of it.
If you can find another guide to a more reputable site such as this forum, or XDA, that would make me and others more comfortable with clicking on them.
In answer to your question, I would avoid the site/guide you found;)
Any questions, just tick my avatar to chat with me.
#14 Mikestony, Dec 16, 2015
No root yet? I guess we wait!
#15 TexDaddy57, Dec 29, 2015
At this point, I think we want Marshmallow (Android ver. 6.0) before root. Hopefully we'll get Marshmallow this month and root shortly thereafter.
#16 beowulf7, Jan 2, 2016
Personally, I wouldn't miss much, bUT I understand. I was on jbsourcery on my G'nex up until I crushed it 2 weeks ago. Never had kk.
Just need to find & flash the file to unlock native tethering.
#17 TexDaddy57, Jan 2, 2016
I'd pay someone at this point -_- after the marshmallow update to bl unlock dt2 and root..
#18 jayman94fly, Jan 2, 2016
Please tell me u guys have noticed the turbo 2 comes with a oem bootloader unlock option. Which I don't know much but I'm sure it means it can be easily unlocked
#19 Master152, Jan 3, 2016
Im not certain but I think that is an option just "baked" into lollipop and has nothing to do with unlocking the bootloader which I'm sure you have to do before your able to "root" correct me if I'm wrong though I hope I am, I really want this thing rooted and unlocked. It's an amazing phone I highly recommend it besides the fact that Verizon has it locked up...hopefully someone somewhere
#20 jayman94fly, Jan 3, 2016
I think the people over at XDA forums can help with this, we might have to gather a bounty up and find someone really good at unlocking Motorola phones. I'd be willing to pay $25 bucks for this type of service I'm sure others would too
#21 jayman94fly, Jan 3, 2016
Has anyone on Verizon used this:
#22 Le frappe, Jan 3, 2016
Sometimes bootloader needs unlocked for root but not always in most cases with phones I have unlocked u need to acquire root before u can unlock the bootloaders least that's always the case on htc and most moto phones u root then get Safestrap recovery I have not attempted root case if I mess up I ain't got the cash to fix my phone
#23 Master152, Jan 3, 2016
First time I have seen it but not being from Xda idk if I would trust it
#24 Master152, Jan 3, 2016
I opened my old netbook with a puppy linux on it and checked it out. The "updated" file warned me my Firefox v.39 was out of date to click Ok to update it....My browser on that pc is Seamonkey....
#25 TexDaddy57, Jan 4, 2016