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Root S-Off Sunshine ONLY option ?

Hi I have an HTC One M8 and I did an OTA update to 4.4.3 Hboot 3.18 and Firewater isn't working anymore will they make a update to it ? If not is there a way to downgrade Hboot with S-On, to trick it somehow ?, will a nandroid work to downgrade it?, or to modify a .zip to flash a firmware?


#1 RedDragon8246, Sep 9, 2014
The bit I've highlighted, have you already used? If so I would guess you stay S-Off even after an update.

Boot into the bootloader and see what it says about the security.
#2 Yatezy, Sep 10, 2014
It says S-ON,Unlocked and tampered
#3 RedDragon8246, Sep 10, 2014
And yes i've used Firewater before
#4 RedDragon8246, Sep 10, 2014
And firewater worked?

I didn't think updating could effect your S status. I S-Off'd then updated my firmware manually without it effecting it then did an android to a back up without it effecting it.
#5 Yatezy, Sep 10, 2014
Nope, there isn't a way to get your Hboot to downgrade without having S-off in the first place. Kinda like a catch 22, need a car to get to work but need to work to get the car.

Firewater will not be updated. The devs that made firewater also made Sunshine. It's your only option for now. Support the devs, they did a bang up job with this exploit. It helps cover the cost of bricked devices needed to find S-off for the community. Also helps spur further development for future devices and exploits. :)
#6 Granite1, Sep 10, 2014
Ok, I have a question if sunshine has the same devs as firewater why was firewater free in the first place
#7 RedDragon8246, Sep 10, 2014
First of all it was not 100 successful in all cases. This method is a diffrent concept. I paid as have thousands of others. I pledged an amount for s off so I don't mind paying in the least for time effort bricked devices and there beer LOL. joking aside they deserve it and should be supported for future development.
#8 Paul25, Sep 12, 2014
They used to offer the exploits free because the devs would rely on donations from the community. Like said above there was a bounty thread for s-off where folks would pledge money to help the devs. Problem was historically once the exploit was found only about 25% of folks would actually fulfill the pledge. This would leave the devs to eat the cost of bricked devices and the time and frustration included. Lastly there were a lot of folks who would complain, demand and try to belittle the devs for taking so long etc, etc.

Firewater was released in the spirit of the android community, and looking through the threads for Firewater and the bounty thread, there were a whole lot of ungrateful people demanding an update for the exploit. It was a slap in the face for the devs. Also this device is more complicated which resulted in a lot more bricked devices. They shouldn't have to front their own money, so they had to find a way to get their investment back.

Remember, if Sunshine can't work for your device, they won't charge you. :)
#9 Granite1, Sep 13, 2014
Even though i do miss the days of everything being free, I completely agree with you. I personally feel that we (as in the end users, not any one of us specifically) brought this on ourselves by not being grateful for people willing to work day and night to find exploits that the manufacturers and carriers try so hard to prevent.

One other thing to think about with Sunshine is that when the VZW 4.4.3 released, these devs had their Sunshine app updated and ready to completely root, unlock, and s-off VZW phones within just a couple hours of first release. They were only able to do this because they are very good at what they do and they probably had some VZW M8's already on hand, bought with the money that came from the $25 fee. Had they not already had a couple devices to brick on hand, we may not have seen an update for some time.

We should all be grateful that they are only charging $25 and not $50 or $100 and also that they are even willing to continue to hack and crack this phone.

#10 kratos, Sep 18, 2014
All of this junk is happening cuzz companies are not delivering what people is really grasping for... Unlocked, full of freedom devices... Back in the old days, dial up modems used to be unlocked and free, now every friggin dsl, cable or whatever device is locked to the bone!!! Same goes with Phones and everything now adays...

Everyone is trying to leech the living hell out of our money by just behaving like corporate douches... Now the hackers and the android community just got into the give me money or else wagon...

Maybe if HTC and carriers give up and let people have things they way they really deserve it... AKA... i pay for it!!! Whats with the lock!!??? Then we are not going to have all this sunshine-firewater stuff going on...

By the end of the day, whats the point of S-off if you need to pay more for unlocking a Sprint device, if it can be break the lock on that phone on the first place...

Damn! i hate babelfish, I do this translation myself...
#11 Pelagato, Jun 3, 2015

You don't need s-off to root unless you're on a restricted carrier like Verizon.

S-off makes life easier and more possible but you can do everything essential as a rooter with s-on and unlocked for free from

Even the mighty Nexus - the gold standard for unlocked freedom - has s-on partitions that you can only flash with signed Google images.

There is no s-off for a Nexus, so no one thinks about it.

You can be as functionally free as a Nexus for no cost.

If you want even greater freedom, you have to pay the developers for the tool to make it possible.

It would be nice if everything in life was free.

But it's not.

And Sunshine is really good.

If you need it.
#12 EarlyMon, Jun 3, 2015