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Support S Planner - how to import public holidays, daylight savings

I can tell how I did it in the US, might be the same for you... go to Google Calendar, look for Other Calendars to the left, add Holidays, then sync S Planner with your Google calendar.
#2 jwither, Oct 26, 2013
^Yup, that's how I did it. I even got moon phases in it too. (Something that as another photog, you might appreciate if you're into shooting outside at night. Or if you just want to know when the crazies are out. Or when you can act craziest and just blame it on the moon.)

I did have to make sure to go into settings in the Samsung calendar and go to calendars and check the appropriate boxes after I had added those calendars in Google.
#3 chimphappyhour, Oct 26, 2013