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Support s3 stuck while rooting using ODIN and cf auto root

I have samsung galaxy s3 gt-I9300
and I have gone through rooting process usinf odin version 3.07 and cf auto root
then i have installed odin in my laptop and select downloaded cf autoroot to the boot loader instaed of PDA this was my fault
and then it get stuck at cache.img 3

then i have selected the PDA MODE using cf autoroot again
it was not responding and get stuck at cache.img
and my phone shows now
firmware upgraded please use kies for recovery mode


#1 sumit1005208, Nov 15, 2014
Hi welcome to the forum. Your phone sounds like it is probably soft bricked. You need to Odin the firmware back to your phone and then root it. Make sure if you had 4.3 on your phone not to use an older firmware or your phone will hard brick! Check out the root forum for your phone: (International) Galaxy S3 - All Things Root - Android Forums
#2 mydian, Nov 15, 2014