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S4 Home Screen Glitch

Seems like either the GPU need a frrsh reboot or the laubchers cache needs to be cleared
#2 Cyberdev, Sep 5, 2017
Yes! Mine does the same every so often. I have to restart it when that happens otherwise it will not go away. I'm currently doing a fresh install of my rom. My guess is that the CPU is getting too hot from all the extra apps I've added with all the new space I've saved and the CPU cant handle it. These things are limited from the factory for a reason. Though, it's nice to fill them up past their limits it can take a toll and eventually cook them. If you feel your device is getting too hot at times then it's probably a good idea to start widdling down some resource intensive apps and find that sweet spot of great performance and luxury. Best of luck PaCdo!
#3 su_me, Sep 13, 2017
That's not quite a reality as that kind of summation is very conditional and based on a misconception that RAM and storage space are the same. You can install any number of apps onto your phone and the only issue is the amount of space they take up in your phone's internal storage. What does matter are those apps that are actually running in the background continuously and/or waking up every few minutes to update themselves (i.e. an email app checking for new mail, a texting app for new messages, etc.) A lot of apps basically just occupy storage space, they're completely inert, using absolutely no RAM or active CPU cycles, at least until you actually start using them. So no, it's not always the case where installing a large number of apps will be pushing your phone to overheat or use up battery resources. Your phone's CPU, GPU, or battery are not affected one way or another whether there are 10 apps installed or 100, it's a matter of which of them are actually active in some way.
#4 svim, Sep 13, 2017